US GAAP Essentials Course - How does it work?

IASeminars online courses are designed for those who need to cover a subject comprehensively and prefer to learn as part of a group.

Support from an online instructor

Our online courses are led by the same highly-qualified professionals who teach our face-to-face Public and In-House Training courses. The instructor provides support through a discussion forum and email. He / she will aim to respond to any questions you may have within 2 working days. Your tutor will also monitor your progress and reach out to you if you are falling behind with the course schedule.

Course content

This course consists of 11 modules and focusses on the following topics:

  • Introduction to US GAAP
  • Financial Statement Fundamentals
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Current Assets
  • Long-Term Assets
  • Financial Instruments
  • Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Business Combinations
  • Other Topics and Developments

Each module contains the following activities:

  • Lessons: Each Lesson covers one or more US GAAP topics and also includes examples to demonstrate key learning points.
  • Practice Quiz (Optional): The Practice Quiz takes exactly the same form as the final exam. You can take the practice quiz as many times as you like to prepare for the final exam. When you take the practice quiz you will be given feedback to help you understand the correct answers.
  • Assignment (Optional): Although not a requirement for gaining a course completion certificate, we recommend that you attempt this activity as well. Your instructor will review and grade your submission, providing feedback on any areas that you got wrong.
  • Final Exam (Required): At the end of each module there's a final quiz to test your understanding of the topic covered. A pass grade requires a score of at least 70%.

Course schedule

Our US GAAP Essentials course is scheduled to run over 30 days. However, we do recognise it's sometimes difficult to meet deadlines: you may be busy at work, have family commitments, or the time needed is simply greater than estimated. Once the four-week period with the instructor has passed, you will continue to have access to the course to enable you to complete them at your own pace. You will have up to a year, if necessary, to pass the exams on each module and gain your course completion certificate.

Certification and Digital Badges

Each module will be examined separately. Once all 10 modules are completed you will be able to download your Certificate of Course Completion.

We would also like to reward our learners for their achievements throughout the course. This is why you can also collect digital badges when participating in the course. For example, we will award you a badge if you complete a module, receive over 70% grade on an assignment or initiate a discussion in the course.

A digital badge is much more than just a pretty picture. It is a guarantee that a recognised authority, in this case IASeminars, set published criteria, and that there is authenticated evidence that the badge holder met those criteria. Each of these badges are linked to a public page which displays a brief description and the criteria for obtaining the badge.

Supplementary materials

This course also utilizes a "companion" textbook which will allow you to delve deeper into each of the topics covered and will also serve as a reference source throughout the course. You will receive a voucher code and a website link to access a digital version of the book nearer the start date of the course.

You probably still have questions. If so, please contact us, or you can try before you buy with our free US GAAP Sampler Course.

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