In-House Training

in house training

Training, when & where you want it!

For some organisations, the ideal training solution is a bespoke In-House course and with IASeminars In-House service, you get exactly the learning you need, precisely when and where you want it.


Read on to discover why IASeminars In-House Training service offers you significant advantages.

Designed for you

  • Tell us your training needs, and we will plan an agenda to address the issues that matter most to your organization
  • Focus on your own company rather than generic examples, and maximize impact by incorporating presentations from your auditors or company management.
  • Run the training where and when you want it – at your own premises or at another suitable venue of your choice - anywhere in the world.

Rely on our experience

  • Receive first class support and advice from our dedicated team from planning to delivery and de-brief.
  • Work with the IASeminars instructor best qualified for your organization and your business sector.
  • Tackle confidential issues and strategic challenges privately under the guidance of our specialists.

The benefits

  • Upgrade your team’s skillset, invest in your staff and increase their job satisfaction through empowerment.
  • Our in-house courses qualify for professional education training credits (PD, CPD, CPE) from institutes around the world.
  • Our cost effective In-House courses are priced per day with no limit to the number of participants. If you choose to train locally, you will save on course fees, travel expenses and time away from the office.

What are the Costs?

Every In-House Training session is different - we customize the training and that applies to the pricing too. Tell us about your project, and we will give you a specific training proposal and price according to your training needs. The price will be based on a per day (rather than per person) basis, and we place no limit on the number of participants.

Contact our team of training consultants today to discuss your specific requirements.

What our clients say about In-House training

Read on for a selection of our most recent client testimonials or click here to view all.

One of the best sources of technical/education consistently. High quality and goes into real life examples w/details.

[Instructor] is a very knowledgeable instructor and he is very effective with his delivery style.

Great presenter with relevant examples.

IFRS Update 2017
Houston, USA, October 2017

[Instructor] is a good lecturer with strong knowledge and makes accounting more fun with his funny personality.

IASeminars is an excellent provider of executive education.

[Instructor] makes complex topics seem very simple and fun to learn.

Presenter is very effective.

Very good refresher that pertains to the banking industry.

Extremely engaging instructor; in depth, relevant subject matter, tailored to specific audience needs.

Knowledgeable and funny course instructor.

Appropriate technical accounting material. The subject matter delivered in a very engaging manner. It was fun to listen and looked forward to attend the sessions.

Excellent instructor.

Sessions were very extensive, relevant and timely.

Excellent use of scenarios and cases which are relevant to the day-to-day activities of our company.

[Instructor] is just excellent. Incredible how accounting becomes quite interesting when he teaches it.

Great interactive workshop. Instructor was so great.

Course content was delivered effectively. - [Instructor] was very engaging and humourous which turned a relatively dry topic into an interesting one.

[Instructor] was an extremely engaging and enthusiastic instructor whilst effectively conveying complex concepts and ideas.

The course provided a good overview of the most recent developments in IFRS. The materials include some additional sections that one can go through after the course.

The course is valuable to people who are not close to IFRS, especially IFRS changes/new.

IFRS for Banks Masterclass 2017
Toronto, Canada, September 2017

IFRS + GAAP updates are not the most stimulating of conference subjects, however [instructor] found a way to make it very interesting and entertaining.

[The instructor] was very engaging without putting you on the spot or making you uncomfortable.

[The instructor] is one of the only presenters I've seen who makes accounting standards interesting.

[The instructor] is quite knowledgeable about the Accounting Standards both IFRS and US GAAP. He presents this information in a clear and understandable way which is quite useful in applying the standards within an organisation.

Very good updates on IAS & IFRS.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the course material interesting.

[The instructor] is a very good presenter and is very knowledgeable.

Second time attending [instructor's] training. Very technical, informative and provides a deep background of why the FASB and IASB have come up with the standards.

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable and tailored content to interests of participants. He did really well in engaging the audience given the technical nature of topics covered.

IFRS and US GAAP Differences 2017
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2017

[The instructor] was an engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Very enjoyable training.

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable, and the material was helpful.

US GAAP for Rate-regulated Utility Companies Refresher
Calgary, Canada, July 2017

A confident, competent and strong instructor.

Very thorough and relevant. The instructor was keen on ensuring everybody understands the materials and he made an interesting workshop out of a very dull material.

This is the best course I have taken in a while.

I would like to take another course with the same instructor as he can deliver perfectly.

[Instructor] provided engaging educational experience.

Accounting in the Oil & Gas Industry
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, May 2017

Very useful and practical.

[Instructor] is so enthusiastic which means you want to learn.

Tailored, knowledge and enthusiastic approach makes learning more effective.

Excellent session related to real life industry examples.

A very beneficial session, where the presenter made difficult and uninteresting topics relevant and engaging.

The energy and humour which [the instructor] brought to this difficult topic was very effective.

Excellent review of IFRS. Would definitely recommend it!

Excellent knowledge of IFRS and related to changes in business units very effectively. Usual presentations provided a clear and concise framework for the day.

[Instructor] delivered a lot of complex topics in a very simple, concise manner and with lots of energy.

IFRS Update 2017
Dublin, Ireland, April 2017

Excellent instructor! Very engaging and energetic. Well done!

Excellent, informative course on key developments in IAS, delivered in an interesting and engaging manner.

This seminar was interesting and very well performed.

Thank you for these thought-provoking and stimulating discussions. Participants leave the course with an open-mind and more questions. Thank you.

IFRS Masterclass 2017
Washington DC, USA, February 2017

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