In-House Training Testimonials

Take a look at the testimonials (below) to see what our clients have to say about In-House training from IASeminars.

This seminar was well organised, topically relevant to an actual situation at the institution.

[The instructor] is excellent at taking a complex topic into a diverse audience where all participants feel they have gained value and enjoyed the learning.

Very knowledgeable on the topic and able to impart the theories in a simple and understandable manner.

Presentation was great.

Everything was really awesome.

Best IFRS 9 course I've attended.

IFRS 9 – One Day Briefing
Shanghai, China, October 2018

Very good, focused delivery and specific to our area of work.

IASeminars consistently deliver high quality training. Would engage them again.

Very informative and relevant to my day-to-day experience in governmental accounting.

A great refresher course! Presenter showed excellent knowledge of the topics he presented.

Very good seminar, brought back some areas that I have not focused on in my role.

This is an invaluable avenue for training and development of professional skills.

IPSAS – One Day Briefing
George Town, Cayman Islands, September 2018

Perfect combination of theory, experience of instructor applied to cases of study, which provided me a great learning experience.

General industry insights and case studies very interesting.

[The instructor's] presentation was relevant, up-to-date and engaging.

Excellent IFRS program with useful examples. The instructor has a great sense of humour. Combine that with IFRS, makes it fun.

IFRS for Banks Masterclass 2018
Toronto, Canada, September 2018

This seminar was very enlightening and totally exceeded any expectations as examples delved into the nuts and bolts of journal entry recording.

Good training.

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable with both US GAAP and IFRS and provided clear and precise explanations to our various questions.

Excellent presenter who made some very boring subject matter very interesting.

Innovative and engaging overview of technical accounting.

Instructor is very knowledgeable. Gives good presentations and knows how to keep this audience's interest with questions and jokes.

[The instructor] has a great sense of humour and assesses early at start of course which topics best interest the attendees.

Great course providing clear and concise information.

[The instructor] is very knowledgeable and keeps it interesting.

A very good instructor made subject matter easier to go through.

The only IFRS/GAAP update you will need - easy to digest and identify which changes apply to your organization.

Speaker is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Very engaging, learnt a lot!

IFRS and US GAAP Differences - Update 2018
George Town, Cayman Islands, September 2018

The training section was very intensive. Beside it took only 2 days, a lot of information and discussion were come up. A lot of things to think and do deeper in each IFRS matter.

It was very clarifying and helpful.

Talk about real examples in Latin America was a good experience.

Very good teaching seminar, good information and presenter was updated in the material.

Practical discussions relevant to the business.

IFRS with US GAAP Comparison
Bogotá, Colombia, August 2018

Overall an enlightening course most suitable for financial staff especially in the oil and gas industry.

The course was very detailed.

The materials and facilitator were excellent.

Strongly recommended for those who wish to be fully understand IFRS (both accountants and non-accountants).

The training has improved my knowledge in the areas covered. The topics are relevant and were handled and delivered by a knowledgeable, competent and experienced [instructor].

International Oil and Gas Accounting and Financial Management - Comprehensive Workshop #2
Lagos, Nigeria, July 2018

Very good course for all finance / oil and gas professionals.

The course is comprehensive and very rich in content.

Sounds and knowledge, highly professional.

I am quite impressed with the material and the instructor. All work together for better result achieved.

The tutorial was detailed and well explained. The incorporation of questions made it very practical and helped with understanding the topics.

International Oil and Gas Accounting and Financial Management - Comprehensive Workshop #1
Lagos, Nigeria, July 2018

Excellent, engaging and every year I learn something!

Excellent presenter.

Practical and relevant discussion to real issues we're facing from the roll out of these new standards.

Very comprehensive and effective, gives good guidance specific to company.

The course was excellent and was tailored to focus on specific IFRS issues in our industry and that we will meet day to day.

Good material/ Interactive lecturing.

IFRS Technical Update 2018
Dublin, Ireland, June 2018

Very informative, well explained.

Very effective.

[The instructor] is extremely knowledgeable and communicates clearly. Topics and examples are current and on point.

This Leases deep dive was really good, thorough!

I learned a great deal on the new revenue recognition. The seminar was very organised and informative.

Seminar provided practical examples and examples specifically for [the client], which helps with understanding IFRS 15 and 16.

IFRS Technical Update 2018
Houston, USA, May 2018

Very good course, and training well structured.

Presenter very knowledgeable and able to answer complex questions.

Very informative training. Well-structured in terms of format and content.

The training was well presented and relevant.

I will certainly make use of your services in future.

Training very tailored and specific for our needs, thank you.

International Oil and Gas Accounting and Financial Management - Comprehensive Workshop
Sandton, South Africa, April 2018

Good knowledge on the subject.

[The instructor] delivered an interesting, light-hearted session on lease accounting. Everyone left with much more confidence about implementing the new standards.

IFRS Accounting for Leases
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2018

Training was very good.

Great trainer, excellent knowledge, adapted to our company needs. Would highly recommend.

Was a great training because applied to our business. Was particularly helpful to get calls in advance to determine the needs and the fit of the training to our current situation.

IFRS 15 Workshop
Frimley, United Kingdom, March 2018

Excellent course, learned a lot about Regulated Accounting.

US GAAP for Rate-regulated Utility Companies Refresher
Oakville, Canada, 27 November 2017

Very good experience.

Very communicative - informative and engaging.

Accounting Masterclass
Washington DC, USA, November 2017

Better than anyone else.

The course is good. The instructor is perfect.

Instructor made the course so fun. Have been in oil business for long time, never learned it that well.

Accounting in the Oil & Gas Industry
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, November 2017

Excellent and focused structure."

Financial Analysis & Corporate Valuation
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, October 2017

One of the best sources of technical/education consistently. High quality and goes into real life examples w/details.

[Instructor] is a very knowledgeable instructor and he is very effective with his delivery style.

Great presenter with relevant examples.

IFRS Update 2017
Houston, USA, October 2017

[Instructor] is a good lecturer with strong knowledge and makes accounting more fun with his funny personality.

IASeminars is an excellent provider of executive education.

[Instructor] makes complex topics seem very simple and fun to learn.

Presenter is very effective.

Very good refresher that pertains to the banking industry.

Extremely engaging instructor; in depth, relevant subject matter, tailored to specific audience needs.

Knowledgeable and funny course instructor.

Appropriate technical accounting material. The subject matter delivered in a very engaging manner. It was fun to listen and looked forward to attend the sessions.

Excellent instructor.

Sessions were very extensive, relevant and timely.

Excellent use of scenarios and cases which are relevant to the day-to-day activities of our company.

[Instructor] is just excellent. Incredible how accounting becomes quite interesting when he teaches it.

Great interactive workshop. Instructor was so great.

Course content was delivered effectively. - [Instructor] was very engaging and humourous which turned a relatively dry topic into an interesting one.

[Instructor] was an extremely engaging and enthusiastic instructor whilst effectively conveying complex concepts and ideas.

The course provided a good overview of the most recent developments in IFRS. The materials include some additional sections that one can go through after the course.

The course is valuable to people who are not close to IFRS, especially IFRS changes/new.

IFRS for Banks Masterclass 2017
Toronto, Canada, September 2017

IFRS + GAAP updates are not the most stimulating of conference subjects, however [the instructor] found a way to make it very interesting and entertaining.

[The instructor] was very engaging without putting you on the spot or making you uncomfortable.

[The instructor] is one of the only presenters I've seen who makes accounting standards interesting.

[The instructor] is quite knowledgeable about the Accounting Standards both IFRS and US GAAP. He presents this information in a clear and understandable way which is quite useful in applying the standards within an organisation.

Very good updates on IAS & IFRS.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the course material interesting.

[The instructor] is a very good presenter and is very knowledgeable.

Second time attending [instructor's] training. Very technical, informative and provides a deep background of why the FASB and IASB have come up with the standards.

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable and tailored content to interests of participants. He did really well in engaging the audience given the technical nature of topics covered.

IFRS and US GAAP Differences 2017
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2017

[The instructor] was an engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Very enjoyable training.

[The instructor] was very knowledgeable, and the material was helpful.

US GAAP for Rate-regulated Utility Companies Refresher
Calgary, Canada, July 2017

A confident, competent and strong instructor.

Very thorough and relevant. The instructor was keen on ensuring everybody understands the materials and he made an interesting workshop out of a very dull material.

This is the best course I have taken in a while.

I would like to take another course with the same instructor as he can deliver perfectly.

[Instructor] provided engaging educational experience.

Accounting in the Oil & Gas Industry
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, May 2017

Very useful and practical.

[Instructor] is so enthusiastic which means you want to learn.

Tailored, knowledge and enthusiastic approach makes learning more effective.

Excellent session related to real life industry examples.

A very beneficial session, where the presenter made difficult and uninteresting topics relevant and engaging.

The energy and humour which [the instructor] brought to this difficult topic was very effective.

Excellent review of IFRS. Would definitely recommend it!

Excellent knowledge of IFRS and related to changes in business units very effectively. Usual presentations provided a clear and concise framework for the day.

[Instructor] delivered a lot of complex topics in a very simple, concise manner and with lots of energy.

IFRS Update 2017
Dublin, Ireland, April 2017

Excellent instructor! Very engaging and energetic. Well done!

Excellent, informative course on key developments in IAS, delivered in an interesting and engaging manner.

This seminar was interesting and very well performed.

Thank you for these thought-provoking and stimulating discussions. Participants leave the course with an open-mind and more questions. Thank you.

IFRS Masterclass 2017
Washington DC, USA, February 2017

Excellent course, [the instructor] has an excellent grasp of the subject matter and possesses excellent delivery skills.

Excellent class. Very knowledgeable instructor. Great review/update of relevant topics.

IFRS Update 2016
Houston USA, November 2016

Great instructor. Good knowledge.

The course instructor was extremely knowledgeable and well-paced. I have limited accounting knowledge but I took home a lot of new information.

The course provided a thorough explanation of IPSAS with very clear and extensive explanation, materials and examples. An extremely knowledgeable trainer provided punctual answers to all questions put forward. Excellent on the whole.

This course has been extremely useful to have an overall understanding of IPSAS fundamentals…Our instructor, has been extremely professional and has shown a dynamic approach trying to understand our centres needs and adjusting the programme to our focal issues.

Very helpful overview.

It has been a very interesting workshop; our instructor, has been very patient and professional in explaining to us all the topics. Personally, I think that a practical workshop could follow.

Instructor is excellent and training capacity.

The course was useful overall. We'll recommend to third party.

The training was very practical and well-tailored for adult learning.

IPSAS Fundamentals
Trieste, Italy, September 2016

Well done - easily communicated the standard.

Great format. One of the best.

Excellent overall, presenter and material. Great teaching technique and examples given.

The in-house format perfectly sorted our needs!

The IASeminars instructor was very knowledgeable on the topic and presented the topic in a manner which was clearly understood.

Excellent presenter. No changes need to be made. Live/active environment made it easier to learn.

IFRS 16 Update
Pittsburgh, USA, September 2016

Pretty good course focusing on the important areas and areas that interest most of us. Very applicable knowledge.

Presenter was very knowledgable in the material, timed to keep the audience as engaged and entertained as much as possible.

The presenter has a complete knowledge of the material and a very simple way of presenting it so that all can grasp the concept.

I truly enjoy the instructor’s presentation of the standards. He makes the standards more palatable and I understand them better with the illustrations he provides. Continue the good work.

This was an excellent course. I have learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed how it was presented.

IFRS & US GAAP Differences
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2016

Excellent, friendly, highly experienced instructor. - Thorough materials.

Presenter has excellent knowledge & skill of the subject.

Found this course very useful that gave me insight and perspective in key principles in Acct Oil & Gas. The experience that the instructor brought to this class made it exceptional too. The facilitation was excellent and the practicalities were a great addition (i.e. cases etc).

Excellent instructor. Tremendous commercial, finances accounting knowledge and experience.

The instructor was great. He managed to cover lots of material, whilst keeping the group engaged and answering all queries very effectively.

The instructor is surprisingly well informed of all technical issues and has a good skill of teaching.

This is the best lecture I have ever taken in the O&G sector. I really recommend all my colleagues to take this lecture (expecially the instructors).

The instructor is amazing. Very well informed.

Instructor is excellent! - Great presentation skills. - He is well informed about the topics.

Accounting in the Oil & Gas Industry
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, August 2016

Excellent information, well taught and all is applicable to my docket.

The training was excellent in terms of facilitator & training.

A great workshop that gives one an in-depth analysis of accounting and financial management in the upstream industry.

I liked training by IASeminars. It was detailed and focused on real case studies concerning the course studied.

IASeminars are well organised with rich content and excellent learning experience.

IASeminars is a well organized institution and knowledgeable in seminars organization.

Oil & Gas Accounting Workshop
Naivasha, Kenya, July 2016

Very good, good pace, good use of humor and content level for the audience.

Very good instructor.

I have a very basic knowledge of IFRS. So some of the items were already high level for me. But the examples (with actual figures) made it "understandable".

Really very interesting presentations. Made very relevant through good examples.

[The instructor] explained everything very clearly. He knows the subject very well, but can also still explain it in a simple way!

Excellent and humorous instructor, able to make tough subject matter rather enjoyable.

IFRS Technical Update 2016
London, United Kingdom, May 2016

[The instructor] was an excellent instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and the depth of his experience was evident in the varied examples and case studies.

Clear explanation of standards with real world examples.

IASeminars delivered a very detailed, relevant and interesting training. [The instructor] is very knowledgeable, very professional and very approachable. I would highly recommend IASeminars for your training needs.

Very professional training on the development in IPSAS standards.

A very practical refresher course for busy professionals. Focusing on our specific industry made it even more relevant.

Great course, very knowledgeable and engaging instructor.

IPSAS Updates 2016
New York City, USA, May 2016

Good, contents were very relevant.

Contents were excellently put together.

The International Tax Course was an excellent course. The content was very relevant, up to date and focused. [The instructor] delivered the training with excellence, his knowledge made the training interactive and engaging.

Very good course and teacher preparation.

Everything was great.

Excellent provider. This provider is one of the best Tax Advisors I ever met.

Excellent content, well prepared, knew the audience and adjusted accordingly.

Excellent content and delivery.

Professionally conducted, made relevant to our company and country.

International Taxation
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, May 2016

IASeminars are more professional than the first training we did.

The presentation by your instructor was excellent.

[The instructor] is interactive, knowledgeable. The materials were relevant and will definitely go far. The services was excellent. From this training, the caliber of instructor who came through is good. He is interactive and knowledgeable. No need for improvement in my opinion.

The training is very informative and relevant. The instructor has a wide knowledge in IPSAS and relevant training materials.

The IPSAS seminar is very relevant to all finance persons.

Course delivery and commitment of the instructor were amazing! Thank you IASeminars.

The training was very useful and the trainer is excellent.

The instructor is well knowledgeable in IPSAS. We recommend him to come for more future training if any.

I usually like trainings because they challenge my knowledge. This training has helped me to realize the areas where I have knowledge gaps.

IASeminars are very well organised and they are good trainers who know exactly what they are delivering. I would highly recommend to any organisation that is thinking of training their employees.

The instructor had very good knowledge of IPSAS and was well organised, able to meet all the objectives that were put for the training.

IPSAS Fundamentals
Nairobi, Kenya, May 2016

[The instructor] was an excellent presenter and presented the course material effectively. The examples were applicable to work and also created good group discussions between candidates in the course. The course brought up many issues that Credit Union's face in today's volatile environment and where [our company] may be able to further assist.

IFRS for Banks and other Financial Institutions
Saskatoon, Canada, April 2016

Excellent course as usual!

Excellent teacher - so engaging and knowledgable.

IFRS Masterclass Part I
Washington DC, USA, December 2015

Excellent level of enthusiasm from [instructor], good materials and more enjoyable than I was expecting.

Very good course - relevant and very well presented. Thank you.

Excellent, enjoyable and engaging experience.

Excellent trainer.

IFRS Basics
Oxford, United Kingdom, December 2015

Course content relevant to utility sector.

Very good material of teaching and competent instructor. Highly recommend for anyone to choose IASeminars. Will keep you up to date with revised accounting standards with very good instructor.

Excellent refresher course, learned a lot about upcoming changes and IFRS updates - would highly recommend to friends and other professionals.

Makes the complex world of IFRS more transparent.

Very good and informative and useful course.

[The instructor] is an enthusiastic professional whose interest in the subject matter is inspiring.

Very informative. The instructor provided an atmosphere that was inclusive and very welcoming to participating. You were not lectured at.

IFRS Update 2015
Dublin, Ireland, November 2015

[The instructor] presents essentially boring materials in as interesting a way as possible. His knowledge of the material is astounding.

Excellent instructor. Knows his materials and makes it interesting to listen to.

Very professional & interesting.

IFRS Refresher 2015
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, November 2015

I do a lot of Webinars so being in a room with a trainer was very welcome and it was easier for Q&A (questions and answers). Useful training tailored to my employers needs.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and added some humour too, real life and recent examples given which was great. [Instructor] was great. Gave some really good examples of what he was explaining and got straight to the point.

The instructor clearly has a significant breadth and depth of knowledge - this brought the subject content to life with lots of real world examples.

I find the course very useful. The instructor highlighted major changes in the IFRS. The instructor gave examples relating to our company which is helpful.

A lot of the value we get in having [instructor] do the training is the context and judgement that he's able to provide, so we'd love to have him for future courses.

IFRS Technical Update 2015
Manchester, United Kingdom, November 2015

Course contents, instruction, etc. was well rounded and have created an impact on me.

Very good. The instructor is a very professional person. The instructor has a complete knowledge of the material. It is a very important training.

The training is more direct and simplified so it is more easier to understand and to incorporate with the current issues or work being done. The training is very useful and it gives us an update with regard to IPSAS, it also gives an understanding to staff in the field the importance of IPSAS not only at central level but for field level.

In general the course was very successful and productive.

I find this training very helpful. It was a refresher course for me. As an accountant it is indeed important to keep yourself updated of the accounting standards.

IASeminars training experience was very good and well structured with effective knowledge transfer.

Wonderful trainer - extremely knowledgeable on IPSAS.

As a first timer I really gained significant knowledge about IPSAS.

IPSAS Fundamentals
Manila, Philippines, November 2015

The IASeminars session was well prepared and very informative. The instructor delivered the material in a very 'user friendly', easy-to-understand manner and in a fun & productive atmosphere.

Instructor was passionate, which makes the training "lively". Pace adopted to us, did not rush. Thank you!

IAS provided tailored finance training with topic that was very relevant to my work area. The trainer was very professional and has great capacity to connect the theory with a business (concrete cases).

[The instructor] provided an excellent training course. He was well prepared and it was specifically tailor made to our requirements using real examples based on our data.

Excellent course. Extremely knowledgeable trainer who delivered the materials in a very professional, pragmatic and, sometimes, lighthearted manner.

The course instructor was very knowledgeable and explained complex issues in a clear and easily understandable way. We covered a lot over one day, but [instructor] managed to keep our interest using examples relevant to [our company].

US GAAP Update 2015
Geneva, Switzerland, November 2015

I would say it was great for such a short time. Great explanation of the IFRS 9. Fully recommended.

The instructor was excellent. I could not have imagined that the IFRS 9 is so interesting (with my little experience/knowledge for IAS 39). A lot of background for the rule and practical examples.

It was great. Excellent course, well-tailored to our needs.

In general, very good training.

Thank you! Excellent training and teacher!

I liked the presenters skills! Lively and open to questions. The training was focussed and tailored on our industry. Was based on 2-way communication, questions and doubts were discussed.

Complete accounting made clear and easy to grasp. Well done. Thank you.

Great training. So easy to grasp the IFRS 9 as a subject.

IFRS 9 Masterclass
Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, November 2015

Very clear and well delivered training, to the point and with references to specifics.

IFRS Update 2015
Geneva, Switzerland, October 2015

Great! Overall very good training! Exceptional service, the agenda in less than 1 week! Thanks for this.

Good, helpful training.

Professional, detailed knowledge with some interesting real life anecdotes.

I really appreciated [the instructor's] attempts to link training matter to current topics in the news.

Was a good learning experience.

Great job!

Very professional way of training!


US GAAP Technical Update
Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2015

The instructor is exceptional. [The instructor] is knowledgable, energetic and interesting. I'd be happy to take a whole university course from him!

IASeminars really good.

Excellent. Would use again.

Excellent course, mainly thanks to the speaker.

I found [the instructor] to be a very good speaker and kept the day very interesting even with some dry topics that needed to be covered.

Course content relevant and timely.

IFRS and US GAAP Differences
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2015

Excellent. Very informative & currently relevant education.

Instructor was excellent. [The instructor] was a fantastic instructor and made a dull topic very interesting.

Excellent seminar.

[The instructor] is a very engaging lecturer, I have learned a lot over the 3 days.

Very good course. Good presenter, knowledgeable.

[The instructor] has been the best presenter of IFRS/US GAAP update sessions. His wide spread knowledge of the industry is remarkable and his illustrations are most relevant.

IFRS & US GAAP Comparison 2015
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2015

Presentation was excellent, instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject areas and imparted the information well.

This instructor is excellent.

Great instructor, able to keep it interesting allowing people to learn.

It's very good and teacher is very good skilled to communicate.

Good course. Provided the overall concept in short period of time. Really recommend.

This course was a great professional experience.

Informative and entertaining.

[The instructor] did a very excellent job of presenting practical examples from our work at the Bank. He was very engaging and knowledgeable.

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and makes the effort to apply the standard to the actual business activities of the organization. Hence it is more practical than theoretical.

This was an excellent seminar that was also made relevant to banking.

Facilitator was great in keeping and attracting attention from participants and provided excellent background of the topics for better understanding. Great to integrate comments of the participants.

The instructor is an expert on the subject area. I have learned a lot from this training. I will recommend this training to other people.

IFRS for Banks 2015
Toronto, Canada, June 2015

[The instructor] presented the material very well and kept the listeners engaged and interested. The use of cases to present was very helpful and interesting.

Course content is more practical (vs theory). Instructor is very good and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day course! [The instructor] makes the accounting theory lively and fun and uses relevant real-life examples to bring the concept to life.

IASeminars superior presentation and relevant examples.

IFRS Deep Dive 2015
Toronto, Canada, June 2015

Excellent training that explains in a clear and understandable way all aspects of international oil and gas accounting vs GAAP, IFRS, Other Standards. What is and isn't described in the accounting standards, and a wide variety of examples how standards are/can be interpreted!

Very good and high skilled instructor.


International Oil and Gas Accounting and Financial Management Immersion Workshop
Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2015

The training was good, included useful information and examples.

Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting
An international organisation based in Lebanon, June 2015

In all respect very good.

It was a good training and refreshed our knowledge from the university.

A nice experience.

Financial Data Analysis
An international organisation based in Lebanon, June 2015

The training provided by the UN was job-specific while the IASeminars training provided us with an overall view thereby enhancing our knowledge.

Excellent. Training was more than great. Good work.

The instructor is skillful, knowing the subjects involved.

Asset Management
An international organisation based in Lebanon, May 2015

Extremely professional & cordial presenter who knows how to deliver useful information in an understandable way.

The course was designed and prepared in advance in close collaboration with the Finance and Budget office which made the content more meaningful.

Budget Analysist
An international organisation based in Lebanon, May 2015

The training experience was excellent.

The training course was done in a very professional manner.

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
An international organisation based in Lebanon, May 2015


Very knowledgeable, excellent course.

Great topic, great instructor.

IFRS Masterclass 2015
Houston, USA, May 2015

Annual technical update training materials and instructor have always been of a very high standard. No improvements required that I can think of. The annual technical update is always very useful (and useable) for making sure our reporting complies with the relevant IFRS changes that the IFRS group have adopted. The instructor always adds considerable value to the training sessions through his explanation of the changes in a practical context of our group's reporting and other groups' reporting, maximising what delegates can take away. Would definitely recommend.

Great knowledge and info. Very in depth and explanatory.

Very knowledgeable instructor, who made very relevant examples and references.

IFRS Technical Update 2014
Manchester, United Kingdom, November 2014

This was the best accounting training I have attended in all years. I appreciate the team based exercises as they keep people engaged and create some fun.

Overall good, no improvements come to mind.

Speaker was knowledgeable and presented well. Overall detail was appropriate and Talisman specific content was great.

An excellent summary of IFRS appliances for the Oil and Gas industry.

IFRS for the Oil and Gas Sector
Calgary, Canada, November 2014

The instructor is an expert in the content area, one of the best I have seen.

The instructor has this uncanny skill of making a very dry subject enjoyable.

Excellent course provided by an expert instructor.

IASeminars conducted a valuable and beneficial Seminar on the updates to the IFRS. I believe attending the Seminar will be much beneficial to people who work in policies and procedures.

The instructor make a very dry subject entertaining and did a great job in keeping the group awake.

IFRS Update Workshop 2014
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, November 2014

The instructor did an excellent job at explaining key differences and keeping the audience engaged in discussions. It was a fun and interesting training.

For a technical accounting training it was interactive and fun.

IFRS and US GAAP Comparison
Racine, USA, November 2014

I think the training experience was very well done. Instructor had the appropriate knowledge and insights to share with the group regarding the content. Very well done.

Very good presenter and knows the content.

IFRS Technical Update
Houston, USA, November 2014

Appreciate IASeminars instructors knowledge of the industry.

Good training. Useful to have a brief summary of the basics before getting deeper in the specifics / update.

Very good content, which was presented in a clear way (although some topics quite "heavy"), with supporting examples and putting things into their bigger perspective. It really helped me to "de-mystify" some concepts.

IFRS Update 2014
Geneva, Switzerland, September 2014

Instructor - great knowledge of subject.

Content was customized to our needs, more flexibility and more relevant to our company.

Very good. Great to have high level IFRS vs US GAAP overview to start and to keep going back to it. Discussed each HB section in a clear and concise manner despite its difficulty. Really enjoyable course. Chris was able to take a typically "dull" subject and make it enjoyable and understandable.

Not boring. Training session is very informative.

Very good.

I enjoyed the presentation info slides, makes it more interesting and aids in learning.

The course structure was different than anything I have attended before. I wouldn't change anything.

Very knowledgeable instructor + good ability to help students learn.

Interactive; use of no slides forced instructor to think on feet and get us involved in discussion.

IFRS Update 2014
Toronto, Canada, September 2014

The instructor is able to fully engage the participants with his anecdotes & examples in presenting his topics. His presentation style not only keeps us alert & interested, but facilitates our understanding of the topics - it helps us learn!

Great speaker/instructor; kept us engaged; great examples/very practical. Excellent delivery of materials. Best Session I have ever attended relating to accounting. Thanks for a great session!!

Presentation was excellent, very engaging. Great use of real-life examples, not just from the bank.

The instructor gave a very lively presentation, with lots of meaningful interaction with participants; ample use of humour made an otherwise boring subject more easy to understand and remember.

Excellent. Keeps the training engaging through the whole day. Good use of examples (Appendix) to illustrate concepts.

Very comprehensive and overall good update of changes in standards. The instructor is very knowledgeable and presents the material in a very enthusiastic and entertaining manner.

The instructor is very knowledgeable. The format of the class is very interactive and it has allocated enough time for the participants to ask questions and participate in the discussion. I also like the instructor draws example from different banks to illustrate examples.

Instructor very interesting, very well spoken & very entertaining. The above qualities are usually not associated with an accounting instructor.

Excellent instructor.

Excellent content, very insightful & extraordinarily well presented. A very informative course going into enough detail so it could be applied in practice.

Excellent. The facilitator was able to keep the audience very engaged. Very knowledgeable and superb at delivery.

Very informative and interesting.

This was an exceptionally well done course.

Very helpful in learning.

Excellent delivery of material - clear & knowledgeable. Instructor kept audience interested & engaged. Good sense of humor.

The instructor is very good at communicating his thoughts. The session was very interactive and involved the participants. He is quite humorous and tells great stories trying to explain accounting.

Excellent presentation and made the materials very understandable. As a Chartered Accountant I have attended numerous training courses over the past 12 years, including those during my days working with a Big Four public accounting firm. It would be hard pressed to find an instructor who makes the course as interesting and relevant as the instructor.

Great subject matter and presenter! I would recommend this course strongly.

Excellent... for accounting training for all financial accounting professionals.

The delivery of the presentation was excellent. A dry subject was made interesting with humorous examples and relevance.

IFRS Deep Dive
Toronto, Canada, September 2014

Instructor was very good, knowledgeable + engaging.

Excellent! Continue the good work!

IFRS Masterclass Part I
Washington DC, USA, September 2014

Excellent - face to face comprehensive training is my all time favourite. Liked the structure (format & materials) provided. Relaxed approach by the instructor over 3 days period. Well structured training. Trainer very professional. Balance (needed/very relevant vs. less relevant), great.

It was good to have a presenter in person addressing our specific needs compared to a webinar (recorded). Overall I think it was of a high standard and well paced.

Excellent marriage of details and practical examples.

The training was of a very high quality and very much relevant and practical to our monthly activities.

Sydvaranger Gruve AS
IFRS for the Minerals and Mining Sector
Kirkenes, Norway, September 2014

The class exceeded mine and the teams expectations. Every member regardless of skill level learnt something. Entire class was engaged throughout.

Lois Darko
IFRS for the Oil and Gas Industry
Houston, USA, July 2014

The instructor was very professional and displayed an outstanding ability to communicate the information in a manner that was thorough and comprehensive!

Bespoke IFRS Update
Houston, USA, July 2014

IASeminars Ltd., and their instructor are very diligent and knowledgeable, they are absolutely outstanding allowing us to understand the concept of IFRS/IAS. I would highly recommend them.

Reza Toorbally
IFRS Update and Financial Statements Masterclass for Cays Associates
Port Louis, Mauritius, June 2014

The material was very informative and [the instructor] was very knowledgeable with good examples of situations and was able to answer all questions that were asked. The case exercises were helpful and allowed interaction within the group.

Bespoke Training for the Utilities Sector
Edmonton, Canada, May 2014

Our delegation has the best impression from the trip in whole and particularly from the training and obtained knowledge.

IPSAS Overview Study Tour
London, United Kingdom, February 2014

The trainer was very knowledgeable and the course material was very structured and detailed. Presentation was interactive.

IFRS Masterclass 2014 for Royal Bank of Scotland NV
London, United Kingdom, January 2014

IASeminars does an excellent job of putting materials together which are relevant and useful. I learn a lot each time. [The instructor] has a wonderful and deep grasp of all the issues and is able to provide real life examples!

IFRS Masterclass
Washington DC, USA, January 2014

Content was useful and well tailored for specific purpose. Instructor was well prepared and kept material interesting. Pacing was good.

IPSAS Masterclass
Ottawa, Canada, December 2013

I highly recommend this IPSAS training and the trainer. [The instructor] presented IPSAS subjects in a so interesting way that I highly recommend him. Also, the preparation for the training venue was very well prepared and the communication with IASeminars was very efficient.

IPSAS Course
The Hague, Netherlands, December 2013

The instructor is very knowledgeable. It was great that he gave a lot of examples to link the theory to real world cases.

IFRS for Banks and Other Financial Institutions
London, United Kingdom, December 2013

We had the most enjoyable 3 days training. The attendees never thought accounting would be so fun.

IFRS Update for Scotiabank
Toronto, Canada, September 2013

Excellent and engaging presentation, turning a potentially dry subject into an interactive and dynamic update on the key changes in this area.

Major IFRS and US GAAP Differences
George Town, Grand Cayman, September 2013

This course was excellent!

IFRS Masterclass
Washington DC, USA, September 2013

We love having [the instructor] come every year and were impressed as always with the course content.

IFRS Pharma Industry Update
Fort Worth, USA, August 2013

We thank everybody involved for rendering to us a perfect service again.

IFRS - Post Adoption Topics
Abuja, Nigeria. July 2013

Your programme materials are superb and the facilitator excellent.

IFRS Immersion Workshop
Port Harcourt, Nigeria, July 2013

Course content was good and very informative

IFRS Basics
Houston, USA, May 2013

The instructor is very well aware of the IAS/IFRS and has the ability to tackle every question that has been asked, explanation has been simplify as much as possible for us to understand.

IFRS Overview
Port Louis, Mauritius, April 2013

Very good. … an excellent instructor with both theoretical & practical knowledge.

IFRS Masterclass
Washington DC, USA, January 2013