ICAEW IFRS for SMEs Learning and Assessment Programme

ICAEWpartnerIn July 2009, the IASB published an International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) designed for use by small and medium-sized entities (IFRS for SMEs). SMEs are estimated to represent more than 95 per cent of all companies worldwide, and the standard is a result of a five-year development process by the IASB involving extensive consultation with various interested parties.

ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) is a world leading professional membership organisation that promotes, develops and supports over 140,000 chartered accountants worldwide. They provide qualifications and professional development, share their knowledge, insight and technical expertise, and protect the quality and integrity of the accountancy and finance profession. The new ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme is especially designed to help understand and apply the IFRS for SMEs standard around the world.

In addition to the ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme, IASeminars is also pleased to offer another ICAEW Certificate course. Click on the link below for more information:

All of these ICAEW learning and assessment programmes are self-study and assessed online.

ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme

Developed by the ICAEW's leading specialists in IFRS, the program is appropriate even if you have no prior knowledge of the IFRS for SMEs standard. If you are already familiar with the subject area, then the program provides in-depth learning and support.

The program will enable you to:

  • understand and apply the IFRS for SMEs standard to your organisation
  • assess the standard’s commercial impact on your organisation
  • make informed decisions and provide practical advice
  • produce and interpret financial statements and information

Program Content:

  • Context and environment of IFRSs
  • Framework for preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Format and content of IFRS for SMEs financial statements
  • All sections of the IFRS for SMEs standard

For more information about any of the above or to register, please contact us. For more on the other ICAEW Certificates in IFRS, please visit our ICAEW IFRS Certification pages.

The ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme is self-taught, and is assessed online in an ‘open book’ environment where the official standards and other suitable publications can be used. Candidates will have a time limit of 80 minutes to complete the online assessment and must achieve a score of 55% in order to pass. The assessment comprises 40 multiple-choice test questions drawn from a bank of many hundred such questions. 

Candidates can take the assessment at any time - and as often as they wish - during their 12 month registration period.

The assessment is available through any internet connection, and is accessed using a unique login code that is provided to each candidate when they register. Upon successful completion of the online assessment, candidates will be able to immediately download and print off a personalized ICAEW certificate which demonstrates their professional achievement in IFRS knowledge.

Preparation and Study:
The exact time required to prepare for and pass the ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme is dependent on the candidate’s prior knowledge and experience of IFRS, but is estimated to be the equivalent of 25 to 30 hours of full time study on average. 

Exam preparation can be done using the official ICAEW self-study materials that are provided upon registration, and / or by attending an IASeminars IFRS training course. Candidates are also free to prepare for the ICAEW IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme in any other manner that they choose.

Learning Options and Prices:
Self-study Materials + Official Assessment: GBP 175 / USD 300
Prices exclude postage, packing and UK VAT (where applicable).

All candidates will receive 12-month access to the online learning environment, which includes:

  • the online assessment
  • 17 modules
  • examples and illustrations
  • self-test practice questions and answers

Following registration and payment, full instructions and a unique login code will be emailed to candidates, who will then have 12 months of online access for learning and assessment purposes.

To Register:
Please contact us for further information and to register for the ICAEW Certificate in IFRS for SME's .


IASeminars IFRS training courses
Sold separately from the ICAEW IFRSs learning and assessment programme, our instructor-led IFRS seminars represent an effective supplement to self-study for the ICAEW Certificate in IFRS, and are offered around the world in a variety of formats. Candidates should select an IFRS training course that is appropriate for their learning needs and prior background.