ICAEW financial reporting certificate programmes (IFRS)


ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) is a world leading professional membership organisation that promotes, develops and supports over 145,000 chartered accountants worldwide. They provide qualifications and professional development, share their knowledge, insight and technical expertise, and protect the quality and integrity of the accountancy and finance profession.

IASeminars is proud to be an official ICAEW Partner in Learning, offering ICAEW IFRSs and financial reporting programmes to our clients worldwide. For more information, please contact us.

The following certificate-level programmes are available through IASeminars to both members and non-members of ICAEW. Click on the links below for more information:

These ICAEW programmes are self-study and assessed online in an ‘open book’ environment where the official standards and other suitable learning materials can be used. 

 If you prefer to prepare for an ICAEW assessment by participating in a live instructor-led seminar, the following IASeminars courses are just a few of those that would be helpful as part of your overall preparation:

Course 1000: IFRS Immersion Workshop (8 days)
Course 1011: IFRS Fundamentals - Comprehensive Workshop (5 days)
Course 1030: IFRS Essentials (2 days)

For more information, or to register, please contact us.

Feedback from candidates for the ICAEW IFRSs learning and assessment programme:

I am very happy with the course. It was difficult, but very comprehensive. The learning modules broke the information down in logical chunks, which enhanced understanding of the material. I spent more than double the recommended time on the course and crammed it into 6 months. The exam was very hard, but that’s good. I did receive the Certificate and I am using the information daily. The ICAEW course was excellent. Since the UK has been reporting under IFRS since 2005, their experience in its application allows for first-rate instruction. I am very pleased with the programme.

The examples and questions given in the module are effective in enforcing the concepts.

(Bernadette Villareal, The Argus Group, Bermuda).

I have completed the online modules. Overall the modules are a good tool to reinforce the text.

I have been really happy with the materials and thought that the exam was thorough. I like the flexibility of self study and the on-line exam format. The overall study materials were great - they covered the standards well and prepared you to pass the exam. One concern I had when I purchased the program was that it perhaps was written in a way that was hard to understand coming from a US perspective – I was uncertain if there would be slightly different terminology and perhaps comparisons to British GAAP – this concern turned out to be unfounded. The materials are not comparative to any other standards, the focus is on IFRS and the terminology is not a problem.

I have found the online ICAEW program material even better because of the user friendly format and high quality simple and lucid content. And I am relying completely on this, while preparing to take the certificate exam in the next 2 weeks.

Based on my experience on studying the IFRS certificate materials so far, I found this program helpful for understanding the basis of IFRS. I think the materials in the program outline the overall IFRS by taking a simplistic approach of reinforcing the basic concepts of IFRS and the elements used in the financial reporting, and the applications of IFRS. The materials (both, online and the textbook) are easy to follow and are not complex. The contents of the online materials and textbook are the same, but since the online materials have additional features such as interactive functions, practice questions and module tests, which are not in the textbook, I could just study and follow the online materials and use the textbook as a reference.

My firm works with a lot of international companies that are on IFRS, and we see that as a growth area with opportunities for consulting engagements. We had a group that were interested and all took the exam at around the same time. I personally wanted to solidify my IFRS knowledge and also wanted a certification from a reputable organization which demonstrated that I had mastered the material. I was not interested in any of the programs where you just have to show up and sit through the lessons.