IASeminars Learning Passports – choose your Ticket to Unlimited Training!

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IASeminars Learning Passports are limited edition with only a small number available to clients each year. Purchase yours today and gain a full year of access to all IASeminars courses in over 20 cities around the world and online.

Why buy a Learning Passport?

  • Maximize your training budget - pay just one fixed price
  • Unlimited training throughout the year*
  • Attend events at any of our international venues
  • Choose from over 100 technical topics covering IFRS, IPSAS, US GAAP and more
  • Limitless access to our Online courses
  • Easy online self-booking using your unique Passport Code
  • Gain CPE / CPD credits on every face-to-face course you attend

*Choose your Passport

Platinum Learning Passportunlimited access to all IASeminars public training events, including attendance at two of our renowned 8-day Immersion Workshops or Bootcamps, and unlimited Online learning. Just £8,500.

Gold Learning Passport – unlimited access to all IASeminars public training events, including attendance at one of our renowned 8-day Immersion Workshops or Bootcamps, and unlimited Online learning. Just £7,200.

Silver Learning Passport – unlimited access to all IASeminars public training events of 5-days or less, and unlimited Online learning.  Just £5,100.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits in more detail, or simply to buy.

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IASeminars Learning Passport - Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase and operation of the IASeminars Learning Passport (“the Passport”).

  1. The Passport is valid for one year from the date we receive payment.
  2. Payment must be made to IASeminars within 30 days of invoice, and in any case prior to attendance at the first seminar.
  3. All Passport purchases are final. No refunds or modifications (exchanges, name changes and extensions) are permitted, regardless of the Passport Holder’s ultimate actual registrations and attendance at any events.
  4. Where a Passport has been purchased by an organization on behalf of a named employee who subsequently leaves the service of that entity prior to the Passport expiry date, a transfer to another employee of the same organization may be made but is subject to an IASeminars administration fee of $300.
  5. The Passport is issued to a named individual, and is not normally transferable. The full name, job title, company name and contact information of the person who will be using the Passport must be provided at the time of purchase. Photo identification will be required to be presented by the Passport Holder when attending any seminar.
  6. Upon purchase of and payment for the Passport, the Passport Holder will be issued with a promotional code that is unique to them. This code must be entered where indicated at the time of registering online to attend any seminars under the Passport program, failing which the published IASeminars course prices will be charged.
  7. Exceptions: Passports may be used to register for any IASeminars events that are listed on www.iaseminars.com with the following exceptions:
    • Platinum Learning Passport: No more than two bookings on 8-day classroom events (includes workshops and bootcamps).
    • Gold Learning Passport: No more than one booking on 8-day classroom events (includes workshops and bootcamps).
    • Silver Learning Passport: No bookings on any classroom event of 6 or more days duration.
    • Any attempted bookings for events outside of these terms will be rejected. 
    • The Passport applies only to IASeminars events and therefore may not be used for any credential programs provided by external providers, such as the ICAEW Certificate in IFRS
  8. The Passport can be used for any online seminars and webinars ('online learning products').
  9. IASeminars may add additional events to its published program during the term of the Passport. Subject to the any exceptions above, new seminars added during the calendar year are valid for Passport use.
  10. Passports registrations are normally valid only for IASeminars events where the named Passport holder has made their online booking via www.iaseminars.com at least 14 days in advance of the seminar start date. Late bookings (i.e. less than 14 days before the start of the course) may be accepted at the discretion of IASeminars, but could then incur an administration fee of $250 per seminar.
  11. Should a Passport Holder seek to cancel an existing registration, IASeminars reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $50 per seminar, rising to $250 per seminar in the event of such cancellation request being made within 14 days of the start date of the seminar. 
  12. In any case where a Passport Holder has registered for an event but fails to attend without at least 7 days prior written notification, IASeminars reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $250 per applicable seminar. Passport registrations are only valid after receipt of the automated order confirmation email from IASeminars. However, online registrations for invalid events (see Passport exceptions above) will not be binding on IASeminars, even after receipt of the automated order confirmation email.
  13. IASeminars provides all seminar attendees with a CPE Certificate. Where a seminar place has been booked using a valid Passport, the related CPE Certificate will be issued in the name of the Passport Holder.
  14. Except where specifically varied above, the standard IASeminars Terms and Conditions shall apply to all matters relating to the purchase and use of a Passport.