Accelerate your intelligence with self-paced flexible online training

Stay ahead of the game with our online IPSAS and US GAAP courses. Designed to be a flexible, interactive, instructor-supported experience this cost-effective solution is brilliant for the professional on the go.

IPSAS Online

Flexible and interactive

IASeminars online courses provide the same quality of training and support as our classroom-based courses with all the flexibility of online learning. You are able to use interactive exercises to assess your understanding as you progress and you can choose to use the course in a way that matches the way you like to learn. There are even options to take only specific parts of a course if you only need to fill in some gaps or refresh yourself on key points.

A pace that works for you

When taking an IASeminars online learning course, you can study when and where you choose at a pace that fits with your other commitments. You can work at home, or in the office, or even on your commute. Spread your course over months, or study intensively in a week – it is up to you.

The benefits of online learning

  • Our online courses offer a flexible self-paced study solution. Study when and where you want and use frequent quizzes to assess your progress.
  • More than just an online presentation, our instructors take care to support you throughout your learning journey.
  • Our online courses are cost-effective. Save money on travel and accommodation: pay only for the training.
  • Perfect for the student on the go, our courses work on a range of devices including mobile and tablet. It is simple to swap devices and pick up where you left off.

How it works

Each of our online courses has been constructed to meet the requirements of that specific topic.

Upcoming online courses

Online IFRS & Accountancy Certification

As an official ICAEW Partner in Learning, we are proud to offer IFRSs and financial reporting programmes to our clients worldwide.