IFRS Training Courses

IFRSThe transition around the world to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - which were formerly known as International Accounting Standards (IAS) - is the most important development ever seen in the world of accounting. At present, more than 125 different countries around the world require or permit IFRS reporting.

Preparing For A Global Future with IFRS

IASeminars offers a broader and deeper range of technical IFRS courses in more worldwide locations than any other training organisation. Courses range from the introductory to the advanced in coverage, and from short to long in duration. IFRS technical topics offered by IASeminars include:

  • First-time Adoption of IFRS
  • Financial Statements & Disclosures
  • Technical Updates
  • Business Combinations, Consolidations & Equity Method Investments
  • Financial Instruments
  • Other IFRS topics
  • IFRS 9
  • Specialised Industries & Sectors (e.g. Oil & Gas, Banking, etc.)
  • Courses for Executives, Analysts, and Non-accountants

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Our Most Popular IFRS Courses:

IFRS Immersion Workshop (8 days)

Course Code: 1000

The ultimate in-depth IFRS learning experience, held in a great city! Spend two weeks learning and practising International Financial Reporting Standards in detail under the guidance of our international specialists, and also supplement your training with a city tour and other benefits arranged by IASeminars.

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IFRS Fundamentals - Comprehensive Workshop (5 days)

Course Code: 1011

This five-day course provides a detailed overview of the major technical issues encountered when producing IFRS-compliant financial statements.

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IFRS Overview for Derivatives and Hedging (2 days)

Course Code: 1208

This two-day course provides a comprehensive view of the most important accounting and reporting requirements for derivatives and hedging activities under IFRS (IAS 39 and IFRS 9) and the disclosure requirements under IFRS 7.

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IFRS 9 - Financial Instruments (2 days)

Course Code: 1214

This 2-day course delivers in-depth coverage of accounting for financial instruments under IFRS 9, the IASB’s new standard for 2018. In particular, it focuses on the changes from IAS 39 relating to classification and measurement of financial assets, impairment under the expected credit loss model and hedge accounting.

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Revenue from Contracts with Customers - IFRS 15 and US GAAP Topic 606 (2 days)

Course Code: 1311

This two-day course presents the information needed to identify the specific requirements of the new IASB IFRS 15 and FASB’s Topic 606 revenue recognition standard.

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IFRS and US GAAP Accounting for Leases (2 days)

Course Code: 1322

This two-day course provides a detailed overview of the major technical issues encountered when accounting for leases under IFRS.

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IFRS Online Courses & ELearning:

IFRS Basics (20 days online)

Course Code: 1030e

This 20-day, eLearning course is a clear and concise introduction to key technical issues involved in understanding and applying IFRSs.


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The IFRS Foundation Licence Agreement

The IFRS Foundation has signed a licence agreement with IASeminars Ltd. for the use of excerpts from the official English, Spanish and French versions of the IFRSs for the purposes of delivering IFRS training courses and related educational material. Click here for more details.