Financial Analysis and Valuation

Financial Analysis and ValuationThe growing range of IASeminars courses under the general heading of Financial Analysis and Valuation cover some of the most important aspects of accounting, analysis, and valuation needed to interpret financial statement and other data in order to make informed business and investment decisions in the rapidly developing global financial markets.

Participants will be exposed to a range of issues that affect financial analysis, company and equity valuation, credit analysis, and the understanding of financial instruments and markets. Specialist instructors will help develop the analytical skills needed for understanding and applying financial concepts, and will furthermore share tools to be used when making investment management and corporate finance decisions in the global marketplace.

Participants will be shown how to extract the most relevant financial information from published reports and databases, how to calculate and interpret the critical financial ratios concerned with the profitability, solvency and leverage, and how to critically assess the various approaches to valuation in the context of security valuation, mergers and acquisitions and credit analysis.

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