Capital Markets, Governance and Regulation

Capital Markets, Governance and Regulation - IASeminarsIASeminars is pleased to offer a wide range of topics relating to the international capital markets, corporate governance, and regulation. These include courses on various aspects of corporate governance, detecting and investigating fraud, internal and external audit considerations, optimising internal control, the Management’s Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) report, securities market regulation, and compliance with anti-corruption laws such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Some of our courses in this category specifically focus on matters related to the US capital markets, including the detailed requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Our Most Popular Capital Markets, Governance and Regulation Courses:

Detecting and Investigating Public Sector Accounting Frauds (3 days)

Course Code: 3600

This three-day course provides an intensive examination of public sector accounting frauds, including asset misappropriation schemes and financial statement frauds that are directed at regional, provincial, cantonal and local governments as well as government agencies, ministries, boards and commissions.

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Detecting and Investigating Financial Statement Fraud (2 days)

Course Code: 4200

This two-day course provides an in-depth review of financial statement fraud – what it is, who commits it, assessing fraud risks, developing responses, common fraud schemes, and detection and investigation methods.

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Internal Audit Fundamentals (3 days)

Course Code: 4210

This three-day course offers a thorough review of Internal Audit, from the inception up to the modern Internal Audit concepts as being implemented in the actual business models going through the Standards issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Internal Controls, Risk Assessment, Fraud and Internal Audit Reports.

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Introduction to Corporate Governance Fundamentals (2 days)

Course Code: 4220

This two-day course offers a basic review of corporate governance aspects, including definition of governance, the pillars and elements of corporate governance, governance codes/charters, board composition and responsibilities, recommended best practices, role of the audit committee and how to measure corporate governance.

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Advanced Corporate Governance Issues (2 days)

Course Code: 4221

This two-day course offers an intensive review of all aspects of corporate governance, including governance codes/charters, stockholder rights, board composition and responsibilities, board performance assessments, risk management, recommended best practices, and governance failures profiled in enforcement cases.

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