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February 2023
Organizations, both business and non-profits, are driven by data. The purpose of financial and business data, at least since the “invention” of accounting in 1494, has been to utilize recorded data for decision-making as prepared by accountants for managerial decisions that benefit the firm.
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January 2023
Everyone is different. We all learn in slightly different ways. Does it matter? Instinctively it feels as if knowing how we learn could be important. It may be important to the learner but it may also be important for those who create courses. So, let’s explore this a bit further.
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What is Green Public Financial Management (PFM) and how is the public sector adopting it?
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STOP PRESS – as of 25 January, we are announcing that the Limited Edition Passport offers are being extended through February. You told us that you were not able to get internal approvals concluded by 31 January, so we’ve extended the offer.
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Something strange has begun to transpire with regard to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the investment decision making process.
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November 2022
If I was asked "are you competent?" I would probably answer "yes" because none of us want to be thought of as "incompetent". However, a more honest answer would be "I am competent at some things but not others".
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Ethics are moral standards around behaviour and conduct that apply across the public sector, from the tone at the top, through to application across institutions and at an individual level.
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In 2003 I attended a talk given by Prof Ronald Harden, who at that time was the Director of the International Medical School (IVIMEDS). During his talk he showed a cartoon which has stuck with me ever since.
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October 2022
How far can public sector jurisdictions account for the natural resources that contribute so much to their societies and economies?
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