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May 2014
With this column, I wanted to bring you up to date on where we stand with our remaining joint projects with the International Accounting Standards Board—and offer you some color as to how we got where we are and what that means for you.
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April 2014
In this article you will find information about major IASB projects, which we will update as they progress.
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Grant Thornton have published a Comparison between U.S. GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards. Note that Grant Thornton LLP and IASeminars collaborate to offer a broad range of live IFRS training courses in the United States.
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November 2013
IASeminars is pleased to list below a selection of third party resources which address the topic of IFRS and US GAAP differences. Note that we take no responsibility for the content of such publications, and that IASeminars has its own range of courses on IFRS, US GAAP and the differences between th...
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August 2012
IASeminars mentioned in the July 2012 SEC "Work Plan for the Consideration
of Incorporating IFRS into the Financial Reporting System for U.S. Issuers".
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July 2012
On July 13, 2012 the US Securities and Exchange Commission published its final staff report on the “Work Plan for the Consideration of Incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards into the Financial Reporting System for U.S. Issuers”. 
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While many governments around the world have (or are planning to) switch from their respective country-specific accounting rules to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the United States has not yet decided to transition from U.S. GAAP.
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