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October 2015
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments introduces improvements to accounting for financial instruments that could affect the way entities manage their financial assets, price products and implement risk management.
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Arguably, revenue recognition is the most important and controversial topic in financial reporting. How you process, recognise and report your revenue is set to change. Are you ready? Learn more and get up to speed on IFRS 15 and Topic 606.
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September 2015
IFRS 15 and the FASB’s Topic 606 are effective from 1st January 2018. Whether you sell sandwiches or telecoms how you process, recognise and report your revenue might well change.
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August 2015
It's not everyday that accounting, or more specifically an accounting standard, makes the news, even in the business press. Well, IFRS 13 has gone and done it.
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An article by Gulf Business reports that ratings agency Moody’s sees UAE property firms’ adoption of IFRS 15 as a positive move. The new accounting policy will help to appropriately reflect companies’ financial performance and increase transparency.
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“A week is a long time in politics” - for us accountants the rate of change is often not so frantic. The IASB is deferring the effective date for new revenue standard IFRS 15.
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July 2015
The IFRS Foundation publishes an analysis of the global use of IFRS covering some 140 different jurisdictions, and which is periodically updated.
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June 2015
Extracts from a speech given on June 5th 2015 by James Schnurr, Chief Accountant at the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Below you will find information about various IASB projects, which IASeminars staff will update as needed. Further information can be found directly on the IASB website.
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The International Accounting Standards Board issued an overview of its lease accounting standard, which is much anticipated and finally due to be issued in the final quarter of 2015.
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