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March 2023
In this blog post, ESG Labs co-designer and facilitator, Kate Daniels, explains what ESG Labs is about and how it can help you get ready for upcoming ESG requirements.
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5 Steps to building your ESG management strategy:Click here to download the slide deck.ESG Masterclass 1:ESG Masterclass 2:ESG Masterclass 3:
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The conversation around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) value creation for a company usually begins with policies, procedures, management systems, materiality assessments, and annual ESG reporting.
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February 2023
As Public Financial Management (PFM) focuses increasingly on climate change and the environment, so PFM institutions will have to build capacity in this area and professionals will have to continually develop their competence.
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January 2023
What is Green Public Financial Management (PFM) and how is the public sector adopting it?
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Something strange has begun to transpire with regard to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the investment decision making process.
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October 2022
How far can public sector jurisdictions account for the natural resources that contribute so much to their societies and economies?
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August 2022
Last month, I shared an article on what ESG is not, moved by an agitating sensation that strangely unrelated activities were being labelled ‘ESG’ in error. Here, I take a stab at the most important things that ESG is.
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July 2022
Public financial management (PFM) covers a wide range of public expenditure on services and goods. Resources are always constrained and so decisions are needed about priority objectives that consider the needs of everyone, so that they are allocated equally and fairly.
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