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February 2023
In a previous blog article, Blockchain was defined and the reasons why it is so useful in accounting systems was explored.
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Organizations, both business and non-profits, are driven by data. The purpose of financial and business data, at least since the “invention” of accounting in 1494, has been to utilize recorded data for decision-making as prepared by accountants for managerial decisions that benefit the firm.
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February 2020
Where do you stand on the longstanding debate that employees are solely motivated by money? What do you value most – a good salary; recognition; empowerment; work/life balance? Perhaps you believe that all these factors are important and employee satisfaction is all about getting the mix right...
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In our current working environment, we’re well used to multi-tasking. But during our working day our desktop provides a huge opportunity for distraction. It is important to regularly stop and ask, “Am I being as effective as I can be?”.
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June 2019
Over the centuries, money has evolved. From bartering with necklaces and gems to using coins, paper money and now plastic cards. We’re now in the next phases of the evolution of money as we move from electronic money to cryptocurrencies.
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It’s a cut throat world in the land of Accounteros; not least for those playing the game of numbers. Are you the stubborn type who loses their head over a bad formula? Maybe you sometimes feel like you’re leading an army of the undead?!
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March 2019
It has been predicted by Forbes that "by 2020, accounting tasks including tax, payroll, audits and banking will be fully automated using AI-based technologies, which will disrupt the accounting industry in a way it never was for the last 500 years..."
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February 2017
Accountants have traditionally played a stewardship role illustrated as looking at the past to formulate an accurate historical record of events at a company.
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February 2016
As the remnants of storms Henry and Gertrude pass over the UK zone of IFRS Land, it's not too surprising to see a rise in holiday bookings to warmer climes.
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Now, here's a question. How does a UK corporate reporter write an article about the US Super Bowl? - a sport and a competition that it's fair to say, he knows nothing about! Hmmmm.
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