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What does self-paced learning mean to you?

Tuesday 16 August 2016

If you are offered self-paced learning does it appeal or put you off? It probably depends on what you understand by self-paced learning.Wikipedia uses the definition:

online2"Self-paced instruction is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response... that does not require the immediate response of an instructor." Wikipedia

This definition highlights both the greatest benefit and deepest fear associated with self-paced learning.

The greatest benefit is that you control the pace. Not only is it more effective to work at your speed, not the average speed of a class, but today's professionals lead busy lives with varying demands for work and social activities that make it impossible to predict exactly how much time each day or week can be devoted to learning. Self-paced courses solve that problem.

But learning on your own means that the friendly instructor is not there at the front of the class waiting to answer your questions.

IASeminars recognised this dilemma and solved it my offering hybrid courses that contain self-paced modules but with scheduled live tutor support sessions. You can have live weekly online meetings with your tutor to discuss any issue and at the same time fit your learning around your own schedule. If you can finish a 10-module course in 5 weeks that's fine, but if you need 5 months that is also fine.

Another advantage of our self-paced modules is that you may only need to fill in some gaps in your knowledge or experience so you can choose to take only that part of the course that you need.

Learn more about IPSAS through our tutor-supported courses starting every month or individual modules starting whenever you want to start. Find out more today.

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