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Introducing the ESG Masterclass for Business Leaders

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Have you begun to consider how Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues affect your business or organization? Have your investors or other stakeholders begun to request information on how to manage ESG issues and mitigate ESG risk? Embarking on an ESG journey within your company involves both strategy and tactics; and both theory and practice.

IASeminars and VantagePoint are teaming up to offer this free online workshop series on ESG to help address and explore the early questions and considerations that emerge:

  1. Why ESG matters for the future of your organisation
    Wednesday 13th July 2022, 1pm UK Why should you care about ESG issues? Beyond the obvious ethical considerations, in what way does ESG mitigate risk and drive value creation for a company or organization? Why should your board, senior leaders and employees care?
  2. Taking your first ESG steps and the challenges you may face
    Wednesday 27th July 2022, 1pm UK
    How do you establish which ESG issues are most germane to your company? What matters most to you and your business? Which standards and frameworks are right for you?
  3. ESG - Implementation and compliance
    Wednesday 10th August, 1pm UK
    How can you begin to track, measure, manage and communicate your ESG performance to your stakeholders? How can you weave your company's ESG performance into the broader strategy of your investors and partners?

Sign up now to secure your place

  • Access to all three practical and informative ESG workshops
  • One CPE/CPD credit* available per workshop
  • Every registrant of the ESG masterclass will be entered into a draw to win a reMarkable 2, worth £299.
  • Watch later online if you can’t make the session

How it works

The ESG masterclass for business leaders is a series of live online workshops designed to arm you with everything you need to help you on your ESG journey.

In these three workshops, our experts will take you on a journey to dispel the myths of ESG, shed light on its importance and give you some best practice tips to lead the conversation about ESG at your organisation.

We want these workshops to be inclusive and interactive, giving you the opportunity to ask the experts questions on everything ESG related.

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders
  • Senior finance professionals
  • Governance professionals
  • Managers

* To qualify for CPD/CPE, attendees must participate, when directed, in the online polls during the session. One credit is available per session.

Introducing the experts

Rob Moulin

Rob Moulin
Presenter at IASeminars

We will lean on the experience of Rob Moulin, who has been working in the field of financial training for over 18 years. His accounting career began in professional practice, followed by a move into industry and senior management positions within global FMCG companies. In the world of presenting, Robert is an experienced and highly sought after presenter, trainer, consultant and author.

Kate Daniels

Kate Daniels
Consultant at Akerblom Advisory

We'll also hear from Kate Daniels, Consultant at Akerblom Advisory, who will draw on her 16 years of experience leading ESG strategy for various organisations. She understands the implications of ignoring ESG responsibilities and she has seen the power of achieving compliance with international investment standards to benefit communities, the workforce, shareholders, partners and organisations, themselves.

Matt Benaron

Matt Benaron
Director at VantagePoint

Lastly, we will be joined by VantagePoint Director, Matt Benaron who has a deep knowledge of finance strategy and experience of implementing finance systems. He will focus on how technology can be used to drive and support an ESG change initiative.

So don’t miss out! Join us for this thought-provoking webinar series where we'll deliver both the foundational ideas and compelling discussion on ESG in order to enable practical application by company leaders.

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