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Welcome to Wonderful Copenhagen

Monday 23 May 2022


This year as we resume, and indeed expand, our schedule of face-to-face courses, we are delighted to add the wonderful city of Copenhagen to our itinerary.

And it is officially “wonderful”! The famous song is reflected in the name of the tourism destination organization, “Wonderful Copenhagen”, whose tourist information site offers many details – certainly more than we can repeat here.

While there on business, take some time to enjoy the thriving art galleries and museums, alongside the magnificent modern architecture as well as the harbour scene and the incredible food. Experience the feeling of “hygge” while enjoying the pastry shops, bakeries and restaurants. Not forgetting possibly the most famous sites in Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens.

Public transport is well organized, with the metro service – just 15 minutes travel from airport to city centre. And Malmo, Sweden is just 35 minutes’ train ride away – across “The Bridge” made famous by the Scandi-noir drama series which millions of us watched on Netflix during lockdown!

To (mis)quote a famous brewer in Denmark, this is probably the best training venue in the world!

Copenhagen and Sustainability

Whilst there are many historic and cultural sites in Copenhagen, the city is increasingly gaining a reputation for its green credentials as it updates the city infrastructure. Many exciting innovations have sustainability very much at the forefront of decisions taken and developments made.

So where better to hold our ESG courses?

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) - Data, Accounting and Reporting (2 days)
Copenhagen - 13 - 14 September 2022

ESG Reporting - Why you need to care (1-day)
Copenhagen - 17 November 2022

These two courses have run successfully a number of times already via Zoom, but this year we are also offering you the opportunity to take the course in-person, with even more opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with your peers as well as discuss the fast-moving ESG issues with our course instructors.

"IASeminars have put a very comprehensive and well-structured training on ESG reporting, which provides a good introduction into the various reporting initiatives and approaches, discussing how they could be implemented and what are the main challenges. This is a complex and rapidly evolving area, so attending this course allowed me to improve my understanding of the latest developments and get a lot of materials for further study."
Nikolay Angelov

Caroline PontoppidanLeading our Copenhagen ESG courses will be Caroline Pontoppidan, an experienced educator and researcher, based in Denmark who also specializes in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and other international accounting and auditing issues. Since finalizing her Ph.D. in auditing, she has carried out research on the development of public sector accounting at the global level as well as providing training services for various public sector entities on International Standards of Auditing (ISA) as well as on the interpretation and application of IPSAS. Caroline previously spent 3 years in Japan teaching and researching emerging accounting and auditing issues, and she also worked for a United Nations agency for eight years. More recently Caroline has been expanding on her work into the area of companies reporting on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), integrated reporting practices and materiality assessments of CSR reports.

Details will be confirmed to our course attendees, but we are anticipating that our courses listed above may be held in “Denmark’s leading hotel in sustainability”, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers.  

We spoke to Kaspar Arianto, Director of Communications at Bellagroup, who operates the hotel:

"Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is a great example of how our ambition to provide responsible hospitality comes to life. Sustainable choices have been made all the way from the groundwater heating and cooling system to the building’s integrated solar panels.

Copenhagen is a great city to host corporate events, because one can so easily combine business and pleasure. From the hotel, guests can access the cultural heart of Copenhagen by jumping on the metro right outside the door. At the same time being very well connected to the rest of the world and Europe with the airport and Øresund Bridge close by, we pride ourselves on being Nordic at heart but global at mind."

Will you join us in Copenhagen this year?

Or, if you’ve already been, share your travel tips on our LinkedIn page, where we will post our Copenhagen information.

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