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IASeminars’ Milestone Birthday

Thursday 21 April 2022

Can anyone remember what was happening in the world, or in your own lives back in September 2002?

Sports fans might recall that Serena Williams beat older sister Venus Williams in the US Open Women’s final to win her second US title. Early internet users may have celebrated the release of the first Mozilla Firefox browser. Did you see Star Wars II Attack of the Clones or Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the cinema? In the business world, the stock market was not doing terribly well, but in Europe, finance teams were working on the adoption of something new called International Financial Reporting Standards. And notably for us, on 5th September, IASeminars was officially incorporated in the UK, and our training business was officially born!

Since then, we’ve worked with clients all around the world, assisting them not only during their IFRS adoptions, but though everything from mergers, acquisitions, and special projects to annual CPE updates. Along with you, we’ve faced our own challenges - the 2008 crash, regime changes and the resulting changes in reporting requirements, conflicts and possibly the toughest of them all, the pandemic.

We’ve also diversified, offering training on IPSAS, US GAAP and other topics. Most recently we’re working with you to embrace the exciting world of ESG Reporting. With this fascinating and important training topic our story continues, and we’re delighted to have you alongside us.

Throughout the years you have continued to book with us and refer friends and colleagues to our courses. We’re endlessly grateful and appreciative of every booking and interaction and we enjoy our conversations with every one of you.

After 20 years the joy attending our events, putting faces to names, welcoming returning clients, is still a highlight for each of us at IASeminars. Thank you to clients old and new for joining us on this exciting and rewarding journey, we’re excited to share our future chapters!

With all that history to celebrate, we feel that one day just won’t be enough to honour such an important milestone, so we’re going to celebrate throughout the year. Keep watching our newsletters to find out what’s happening – of course we’ll have cake but that’s not all. We’ll take a trip down memory lane with our longest serving team members, chat to clients, staff and faculty; and there will be promotions, giveaways and competitions. Watch this space - we hope that you can join in the fun.


Deborah and the IASeminars Team

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