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Let’s Look at London – our Top 5 Spring and Summer Events

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Thursday 31 March 2022


It’s hard to imagine that ten years have gone by since London was abuzz with the excitement and anticipation of its fast-approaching Olympic Games. Come July 2012 the atmosphere was electric, the city one whole festival of sport, the streets alive with fans from around the globe enjoying London’s sporting carnival.

A decade on, what with the events of the last two years, there has been much change. The capital was temporarily quiet. But now, as Spring emerges, the life and vibrancy of our capital city is fast re-emerging. Events cancelled or postponed are on the calendar again, and we are able to be with friends, to travel, to be in crowds, and enjoy tourism once again.

Here at IASeminars our plans for 2022 are firmly in place; we are just so pleased, and so excited to be offering our face-to-face courses in the location we know so many of you love.

London – we are back and what better time to visit! Between May and August we have twelve courses scheduled across our London venues... but a little more of that later.

First though, we know that in past times many of our attendees have really enjoyed combining an IASeminars training experience with a trip to one of the iconic events that makes up the London ‘Season’.

As a taster of what’s on offer over the coming months here is our Top Five list of wonderful events that might get you thinking about booking some flights / some trains / some hotels... some courses even!

The IASeminars’ Top Five!

In at number five, it’s the event that kicks off the whole Summer Season.

It’s Chelsea, or to give it it’s full title (which is just so very British), it’s the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

The RHS describe their event as ‘the world’s greatest flower show’ – and who are we to argue? Last year it was pushed back to September – a very rare occasion in its 110-year history. For 2022 it returns in full bloom to its ‘home month’ of May - the 24th to 28th. For exhibitors the goal is to be awarded one of Chelsea’s coveted Gold Medals, or to be crowned Best Show Garden. Hours and hours and hours of work go into designing and constructing the amazing displays and gardens for the judges to judge and the visitors to enjoy and admire. The colour, the artistry – it is something to behold. And then there’s the food. Well, the food and the chance to soak up some sun (we can hope!) whilst sipping that quintessential British drink – Pimm’s (Pimm’s Number 1 Cup to be precise)....or maybe a cup of delicious Earl Grey. I hope we’ve planted a seed here...

At number four. Well, if Chelsea is synonymous with flowers and Pimm’s, then at the front of the queue when it comes to another quintessential British summertime joy – tucking into a punnet or two of fresh, ripe, juicy, luscious (and so expensive, but oh so worth it) strawberries – it can mean only one thing. Wimbledon. Or, to give it it’s proper title, The Championships – Wimbledon, played at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Not only is Wimbledon home to the one grass-court Grand Slam tennis tournament, its history of record making just goes on and on. And this year, the Wimbledon queues are most definitely back. Officially called The Queue, if you’re not able to secure a ticket for Centre Court, then do what thousands of others do every day during The Wimbledon Fortnight. Stand in-line for a day pass and gain access to all the outside courts – there’s usually some upset, some famous seeded player being upstaged somewhere. Or, just sit on Henman Hill, or Murray Mount, or whatever it’s called this year, and watch all the excitement unfold on The Big Screen (everything has an official title here) whilst savouring those strawberries with maybe just with a little glass of (again expensive, but worth it) Wimbledon champagne or that delicious Earl Grey. Play commences 27th June with the Men’s Singles Final on Sunday 10th July. To be at Wimbledon is unforgettable. Game, Set, Match. 

Number Three...

...“if music be the food of love, play on!” – No, it’s not Shakespeare (but don’t forget his genius is of course also available at The Globe – but The Proms. Or to give it, it’s proper title, The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts Presented by the BBC.

From mid-July till early September – that’s eight glorious weeks – the airwaves around Knightsbridge are full of the sounds of the world’s greatest orchestras and classical musicians (with some jazz, rock and electro in the mix too). And this year, the queues are back. Yes, we Brits, (and it seems everyone else too) just loves to queue. And why not, when the chance ‘To Prom’ (that means ‘standing’ to you and me) and admire the performance of a classical great costs less than one punnet of those Wimbledon strawberries. The queue for a Prom ticket starts early each day and can go on and on. It begins at the entrance to that most stunning of buildings, The Royal Albert Hall, just a short walk from our Kensington venue hotels, and often snakes hundreds of metres down the road, and round the corner. You might be queuing for hours, but with a great picnic (it’s a Proms tradition) and the chance to take in the glorious architecture of the area, it is so surely worth it. We know of many attendees who have hot-footed it from a hard day’s session on IFRS 9 to queue for a world class performance of Beethoven’s 9th! Music lovers everywhere wait with bated breath for the schedule of the 80+ concerts to be released on 26th April. And don’t forget that iconic event that closes not only the Proms, but the whole of the London Summer Season... it’s The Last Night.  Bravo, what a performance...

Galloping to the runners-up spot in our countdown, number two is another sporting extravaganza. Ascot... or to be more precise, the five days of The Royal Meeting, Ascot. Ok, it is true that, strictly speaking, this is not in London town. I think we’d all be surprised to find a racecourse in the middle of the city. But it is just a short hop outside – and as ever, many, many Londoners will be there. And so too can you.

Horse racing, the finest fashion, The Royal Family. If any or all of these appeal to you then Royal Ascot is your event. The history of Ascot and The Royal Meeting date back to the 1700’s! Its traditions, its pomp, its ceremony continue, barely unchanged since – there’s even a separate dress code for each day that is not up for negotiation. The stewards all wear bowler hats – when was the last time you saw a bowler hat? (They wear them too at Chelsea I hear you cry!)

As well as the beauty and majesty of the horses themselves, each day begins with the Royal Procession - the Queen is in attendance. There’s a band stand, with communal singing. Then there’s the horseracing itself, with the highlight being the Gold Cup, held on the penultimate day, known the world over as Ladies Day. And of course, there’s the picnics. Royal Ascot does not exist without a car park full of cars and picnic hampers, full of goodies.

June 14th-18th are the dates for your diary – saddle up.

And finally – in the year 2022 – not only ten years after those Olympics, but also a decade on from celebrating a Diamond occasion, the number one spot has to go to The Queen, and the events to mark her Platinum Jubilee.

Whilst the celebrations to mark Her Majesty’s 70 years as Monarch continue all year, they are at their height during our early Summer. On June 2nd – the Queen’s birthday – they’ll be the traditional Trooping of The Colour. It’s a blaze of tradition, marching bands, horses, history, music, vibrant sounds and indeed colour – all watched by tens of thousands lining The Mall. Beacons will be lit across the country, including at Buckingham Palace, and then on June 5th they’ll be street parties galore (food again!) as well as The Platinum Jubilee Pageant – a carnival of street arts, theatre, music, circus. The pageant and the Trooping of the Colour both take place around the Palace – and what’s more, it’s free to all. And to top it all, we here get a couple of extra days holiday. Nice. Thank you Maam.

Now, back to training. Whether you are planning IFRS, IPSAS, or GAAP training [to go with your day at the races] then we have got you well and truly covered. The Summer courses mentioned above – details of all of them can be found here.

There’s one day training, courses of two days, eight days – many options available which we hope will suit your requirements.

Booking for all of them is open now – there’s no need to queue.

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