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Thursday 24 March 2022

I’d like to share with you a memory from some twenty-five years passed. To this day the recall of it remains sharp, such was the anticipation, excitement, and to-be-honest, outright trepidation of what might lie ahead. It’s a feeling rather like that one of being back at school, on that first day. But, this was no school. It was New Job. Day 1. And that meant just one thing, and one thing only: Induction.

Of course, things have moved on somewhat from the 90’s. For one, even that word ‘Induction’ appears a little dated now. ‘Onboarding’ I believe would be today’s equivalent. Yet, whatever the word, I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering clearly that feeling of being welcomed by all those lovely new colleagues, introduced to all those shiny new processes, and presented with that binder full to the brim of jargon filled documents – yes, The Procedures Manual.

For me, for this new job, there was also something else. Each new recruit was ceremoniously presented with their own Time Management System, with one’s name boldly embossed on the front of this leather-bound folder. So exciting. I’m tempted to say that, in reality, this was no more than a glorified Filofax – remember those – but, oh – at the time it was so much more. Such was the majesty of this ‘TMS’ it felt that one automatically did acquire the skill of being great with time – no learning, no practice required. If only that were true. And what was to go into this mighty tome? – well, the results of that other big discussion point during those Day 1 activities – the Action Plan. Of course.

Now, again Action Plan might be a somewhat dated term – ‘Personal Development Plan’ might be the correct one these days. But, whatever the description, I’m sure we all agree that what is more important than the title is the significance of genuinely putting into action that roadmap for personal learning.

Of course, once qualified, we call this Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Or is it Continuous Professional Education (CPE). Well, either. Whatever the term, things really have changed here over the years, I believe. Back in the day – and I’m into recall mode again here, (Filofax or no Filofax) - one’s ‘PDP’ was sometimes a little ad hoc, somewhat subject to late change, and often just centred around getting the basic job done.

Things have surely become somewhat more structured. Maybe learning, and we’re focusing on post qualification here, is quite simply more valued now? Certainly, as a member of a professional body, we know – we have to know - the importance of continuing to learn, especially as things now change so fast, whether that’s with respect to technology, the way we process transactions, or what we have to report.

Tech of course has really changed how we can learn with the ability to access materials quickly and when we want. We’ve seen how the events of the past two years have moved that along considerably. However, some people prefer the dynamic of learning in a ‘live’ teaching environment, and one where meeting new people and making new contacts is a central part of the (development) experience.

Of course, IASeminars will always want to be a key partner in helping you achieve your own, or your teams learning goals. Our in person, and virtual courses all offer NASBA Accredited CPD/CPE. We hope to always provide you with the tools and the environment that suits you best. That’s why you’ll always find our offering covering a wide range of subject areas, across different disciplines, and at varying levels. And, all can be individually tailored towards you. Just talk to us and let us know your thoughts. One thing we have noticed, for sure, is that with the advent of ESG considerations, more and more corporate clients are looking at how they can provide structured training that really does value the importance of individual development, as well as benefitting the firm. In such a positive environment – the one ESG is aiming to promote - CPD becomes more than simply a points gathering exercise (although that remains an essential requirement too).

As the ICAEW describe it, CPD is a three faceted process of Reflect, Act and Impact, with the first of those key in determining core development areas. A well thought out plan does take time to put together. Evidently, how can we know what we need to do without reflecting and assessing how we’ve got on so far? And sometimes, it really does take a degree of honesty to make those reflections.

Of course, it’s with the second of these, ‘Act’, where IASeminars can really help – assisting you with those knowledge gaps, and maybe helping you, via our intuitive presenters and course content, become more aware of how the changing environment affects the business issues that are pertinent to you.

On that note, there are just two examples of how we can help.

First, the IASeminars Learning Passport. This offers unlimited training for a one-off fee. That’s access to a very wide range of subjects across one year. There are three levels of Passport available depending on what depth and coverage is best for you. This provides the ability to seriously develop skills in new areas (such as ESG for example).

Why not take a look at what’s on offer here.

And finally, we’re excited to say that we’re bringing our flagship eight-day IFRS Immersion Workshop back to London this June! That’s eight days of intensive, focused, dedicated IFRS learning. Again, with 64 CPD credits available, your development requirements might be met by this one course.

Information about it can be found here.

And not forgetting this - each Immersion Workshop attendee is presented with their very own management system – it’s electronic, it’s made by Apple, and we all call it an iPad.

We’d love to welcome you.

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