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Spotlight on our IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting Workshop

Wednesday 19 January 2022

We’ve been developing and refining our virtual Zoom training sessions since their launch in 2020. We don’t take for granted that what works in the face-to-face classroom will also work in virtual delivery and so we collaborate with our instructors to ensure our virtual training meets the same high standards already achieved in our classroom training. It’s been so rewarding to see the results of our efforts shine through in the feedback from course delegates.

To help maintain quality, when we run our courses, we ask delegates to complete a questionnaire, letting us know what they thought of the course and the IASeminars experience. This feedback helps us enormously; we pay very close attention to suggestions and frequently make improvements to our courses and processes as a result.  

Course 1331v: IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting Workshop is one of many courses that have made the transition to our virtual classroom and we wanted to put it, and instructor Bob Phelps, under the spotlight having achieved excellence in the virtual delivery of our IFRS 17 training last year. We would like to share some comments received about course 1331v, all of which ran virtually during 2021.

“First of all, I can only recommend Bob Phelps and his way of walking you through the complicated topic. His approach was so very well structured that I did not get lost, even though this is a complicated IFRS standard. Apart from presenting complicated matters in an understandable manner, the fact that Bob used so many examples and made us work through the numbers, also really made a difference. When it comes to applying IFRS 17, this will be really helpful! Thank-you Bob for this wonderful week!”
Katharina, Germany

“The IFRS 17 workshop was the best training that I have completed in recent years. I've done other trainings on this topic, which were mostly high-level and restricted to the theory of the IFRS 17. This workshop used a completely different, hands-on approach that made it a lot easier to get familiar with the actual accounting entries by using helpful practical examples. In doing so, the workshop allowed me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and now I feel a lot more prepared to face the challenges of the new standard. Bob is a great instructor, extremely knowledgeable and able to explain some of the more convoluted parts of IFRS 17 in a simple and easy to understand manner. He is simply one of the best I've seen in my 20-year career on both sides of the Atlantic. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to the bottom of IFRS 17 and not just float at the surface.”
Venelin Yanakiev, CFO

“The IFRS 17 course presented by Bob Phelps far exceeded my expectations for a virtual learning platform. Bob is an excellent facilitator and was able to explain very complex concepts in a practical and simple manner. I especially found the exercises that Bob walked through with us live during the sessions incredibly helpful and practical. The materials provided will be invaluable for us as we help our clients navigate through the transition of IFRS 17. Thank-you Bob and team for putting on an excellent course!”
An Lam, Canada

When we shared this amazing feedback with our instructor, Bob Phelps, he had this to say:

“I’m so pleased to see these comments as this is exactly what I was setting out to achieve with this course. IFRS 17 is conceptually elegant but it’s difficult to get that from the wording of the rules which, it’s fair to say, is not entirely in plain English!”

“Going through the numerical exercises, covering a range of different scenarios, conveys an appreciation of IFRS concepts underpinning the accounting models applied by the standard. This approach allows the delegates to, in effect, stress-test the IFRS 17 rules in different situations. In other words, the delegates have to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in!”

“My philosophy with the courses I teach is it to approach serious learnings in a practical and entertaining way – part of that includes the use of polling questions which are reviewed interactively, complementing the work in the above exercises.”

We’ll finish up by sharing a few more comments the IFRS 17 course received:

“Doing the numbers together with the trainer really helps to understand this very complex regulation.”
Business Architect, Switzerland

“Great course, Bob is truly knowledgeable about IFRS 17. Exceptionally good examples and material.”
Rodrigo Leiva, Chile

 “Wonderful lecturer and small class. Perfect combination for an excellent course. Thank you for organising this course. It is great value for money!”
Laurent Decaen

“The IFRS 17 accounting was excellent course, with excellent tutor and great learning curve. One of the best I ever participated on.”
Anonymous, Czech Republic

While face-to-face courses are returning, we will continue to offer virtual training for the foreseeable future and will continue our work to ensure the best experience with all methods of delivery.

Join an upcoming IASeminars IFRS 17 course

IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting Workshop (Virtual Classroom)
21st – 25th March 2022
22nd – 26th August 2022

IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting Workshop (London)
16th – 18th May 2022
14th – 16th November 2022

IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting Workshop (New York)
26th – 28th September 2022

If you are interested in attending any of our courses let us know. There’s a “Keep Me Updated” button on each course page – click that and fill out the form to let us know of your interest and we can keep you updated about the arrangements for the course and answer any questions you may have.

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