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People matter - attracting and retaining the best talent

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Thursday 27 February 2020

Where do you stand on the longstanding debate that employees are solely motivated by money? What do you value most – a good salary; recognition; empowerment; work/life balance? Perhaps you believe that all these factors are important and employee satisfaction is all about getting the mix right...

In fact, the argument that employee satisfaction is linked to more than just salary has gone from an idealistic notion, to a serious position backed up by extensive research!

At IASeminars we firmly believe that the employment landscape is changing rapidly, and the importance of work-life balance must be recognised. Employers and especially those in the accounting sector, are realising that attracting the best talent is becoming more competitive. So, our message to employers seeking attract and retain the best talent is that it’s vital to offer more than just money. In today’s workplace you must now actively demonstrate that you care about employee well-being.

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And the result? Well in time you will create a unique workplace culture which not only attracts the best talent but retains happy, effective and productive staff.

At IASeminars we strongly believe that the hard work and invested attitude of our team are vital to the success of our business. You can’t deliver high quality people-focused training without high quality people! We constantly work on improving our approach to employee welfare and are keen to hear other opinions and other top tips for employee satisfaction. 

What do you do to reward and motivate your staff? Or importantly, as an employee what do you value? We’re keen to share best practice so get in touch to share your thoughts!

Here are our top tips for attracting and retaining the best talent:

Encourage your employees to skill up
Whether you are offering on in-house on the job training or sending staff on external training courses; focused, relevant training is an important part of a well-rounded employee strategy. Teaching your employees in this way not only enhances their knowledge but will contribute to a culture of investing in people.

Recognise outstanding work
Recognition doesn’t have to involve a direct cost to the organisation, although it can of course. A simple thank you or giving credit for great work takes nothing but time but demonstrates your gratitude for a job well done. Other rewards can include an impromptu half day off, or for teams a day out or a pizza lunch.

Offer flexible working
Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z have grown up with the flexibility that technology brings. They can see beyond the typical 9-5 and are attracted by flexible working opportunities. So, if practical, why not trial flexible working? Showing trust in your staff will make them feel more valued and may help them to juggle work/life balance better.

Give constructive feedback
Offering feedback on an employee’s work shows that you’re engaged with their development. Sometimes that constructive feedback might not be wholly positive but given in context it is a chance to course correct and move forward.

Equip your teams to do their jobs
Numerous studies have show that employees will quickly become demotivated if they do not have the correct tools to do their job properly. Talk to your teams and ensure they have what they need, it will make all the difference.

Communicate well
Appraisals, meetings and clear plans, policies and procedures, are all important in keeping employees informed and invested in your organisation. Value and encourage employee feedback and distribute information appropriately. 

Build happy environments
Create a culture where employees feel comfortable talking about issues to colleagues and senior management without fear of judgement. Humans benefit from being involved in their communities – empower your staff and encourage them to socialise; encourage your staff to volunteer at a local organisation. Empower your staff and importantly, inspire them.

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