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Boosting your wellbeing and productivity in 2020

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Wednesday 12 February 2020

In our current working environment, we’re well used to multi-tasking. But during our working day our desktop provides a huge opportunity for distraction. It is important to regularly stop and ask, “Am I being as effective as I can be?”. It’s easy to get distracted by both colleagues and digital demands.

Here at IASeminars, we firmly believe that encouraging good habits and self-care are key to good wellbeing, and ultimately increased productivity! But in our busy lives perfecting these practices takes time. So, while we strive to take regular exercise, stay fit, eat well, sleep well and improve focus, can we make efficiencies elsewhere? In short, can technology help us cope with technology?

Managing Director, Deborah Fyfe has teamed up with marketing professional, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Michelle Parkes to look at some great apps and sites that could help your efficiency and focus.

We’d love to hear about your favourite apps! What helps you to save time, stay motived, or to relax – let us know and we’ll publish an updated list of apps, including our staff favourites soon…

Contacts +

An app available for both iOS and Android, this app allows you to keep track of friends, family and professional contacts. It automatically pulls data from all your connected accounts and can even add photos and company information.
Free for one account and 1,000 contacts.


Timely uses artificial intelligence to track and monitor your activity from multiple sources and then creates a timesheet for you automatically. Not only can you see where you are being most effective but you can track your team’s work too.
From $7 a month.


A really great tool that allows you to map out all your ideas visually and share them with team members. Web and app versions available for mind mapping on the go!
Free for core features.


We’ve all been there; document comes through for signing and we have to print it and sign it and then scan it back in again. All takes up time and effort. How about an app that allows you to add your signature electronically and also be confident that it’s legally binding? Welcome to HelloSign!
From $13 a month.


Getting to the end of the day and no idea what you’ve really got up to? RescueTime works in the background on your computer, phone and tablet and shows you exactly how you spend your time during the day.
Free for core features


Sometimes the easiest way to view all your tasks is in a visual bulletin board. Trello allows you to organise all your projects in a flexible manner.


I’ve lost track of how many passwords I must have now and more often than not I’m having to reset them which is time consuming and irritating. LastPass is a great tool and remembers all your passwords for you in a secure manner.


It’s very frustrating when someone sends you a file and you can’t open it, then you spend 30 minutes trying to find the correct format, download the software only to find you’ve given your computer a virus….true story! CloudConvert supports up to 218 different formats and boasts that it can convert anything to anything.


You’ve got all these apps running and making your life easier. Now you’ve got time for a spot of mindfulness throughout the day. Aiming to help you live mindfully with themed sessions on areas such as sleep and anxiety, it’s a great compliment to the hectic world we live in.

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