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Accountants! Be vital or risk extinction!

In the current business climate, companies are looking for every advantage to stay ahead and accountants are best placed to help.  It’s time to step up and become an invaluable member of the team. It’s no longer enough to just report on the numbers; accountants must now help to drive strategy, set budgets and contribute to key business decisions. But this opportunity for growth is not necessarily what you were originally trained to do – and this is where we can help.

Our new Management Accounting course, Skilling up to be a 21st Century Business Partner, will make you a vital contributor to your business. This modularised course, made up of three shorter courses offers you the flexibility to focus on specific skills so that you can make the biggest impact on your business.

Each practical and highly-interactive course will provide you with well-established tools and techniques to employ and share when you get back to your business.

Be Vital: YouTube series

If you’d like a small taste of what to expect from these courses, our instructor, Kevin Appleby, is making a series of short YouTube videos that establishes why it is so important that the modern accountant adapts to this new world. We have created a handy playlist for these videos which you can access here. The first video is already available with the next coming very soon.


Course Details

Take the 5 day course:
Skilling up to be a 21st Century finance business partner (5 days)
14 Oct—18 Oct 2019, London
A combination of the three modules below

Or choose one (or two!) of the modules: 
21st Century Finance Business Partner (1 day)
14 Oct 2019, London

This course provides a broad overview of skills you need to support your business team through the challenges the business faces in the 21st century. We look at why financial statements and the underlying accounting systems don’t provide the most useful information for decision making and consider what you need in addition. We consider why an economic rather than an accounting model of the business can provide the financial information the management team really needs. We look at the role of the finance professional in setting strategy and business plans and consider why a clear strategy and business plan is vital to just about everything you do. 

21st Century Business Strategy & Reporting (2 days)
15 Oct—16 Oct 2019, London

This course comprises two full-day interactive workshops designed to give you practical business planning and reporting approaches you can implement directly in your own organisation. The workshops allow you the opportunity to try out techniques in a safe environment so that you can adapt and use them for the specific circumstances in your own organisation.

21st Century Zero Based Budgeting and Cost Management (2 days)
17 Oct—18 Oct 2019, London

We consider how to move beyond budgets to provide an agile financial management system that is focussed on delivering the business strategy. When it comes to cost management no one tool is ever right for all circumstances so we look at a variety of tools to you can use to maintain a financially efficient and effective organisation, and a guide to when it is most appropriate to use each one. We also look at what happens when a business has a challenge to make a step change in its cost base and give a range of ways the finance business partner can help his team to take cost out of the organisation.

In House Training

As well as these modules we can offer the following for bespoke In House training events:

  • Activity-based Costing – two day workshop
  • Financial Forecasting - one day workshop
  • Building a Business Case for Investment – one day workshop

You can see that between the scheduled course and these additional modules we have the building blocks for any In House Training you may need for Management Accounting. Contact our fantastic customer services team today to discuss your team training requirements. As always for in house training, we can adapt course contents based on your specific requirements.

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