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Introducing IASeminars Online

Monday 1 February 2016

2016 will see the launch of “IASeminars Online”, a platform which offers online courses and access to an online community.

In this interview, IASeminars Director of Online Learning, Charles Duncan PhD, shares his vision for the department that he now leads.

Charles, please tell us about IASeminars Online

IASeminars Online is a completely new service for international accounting and finance professionals.  The entire concept has been designed from the ground up. We have listened to our clients and you have clearly told us what is important to your professional training needs:

  • Convenience: Training should be available when you need it!
  • Flexibility: Accounting and finance professionals have different levels of knowledge and different training needs.  Our learning opportunity must be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements, and this includes offering your preferred way of learning.
  • Suitability: Taking a course and then finding that significant parts of it are not relevant is an unsatisfactory and costly experience. IASeminars Online will use professional development planning tools to help map out your own detailed training needs, and then track your progress on your own personal learning plan.
  • Recognition:  IASeminars Online courses will recognise your efforts by offering assessment, certification, and CPD/CPE credits.

IASeminars already offers some online learning courses. Why change anything?

Our existing online courses on IFRS, IPSAS and US GAAP have been well-received by hundreds of participants. But it’s time to move on!  These first-generation online learning courses will continue to be offered over the coming months, but new online products will ultimately replace the older ones.

What will the new online courses look like?

Our subject-matter experts and instructional design team are creating a completely new modular learning concept.  IASeminars Online will offer a more personal, flexible and engaging online learning experience.

Our new platform will be highly interactive, and offer more real-world scenarios, examples and case studies to assist with the reinforcement of learning objectives. 

Most importantly, the new generation of online courses will focus on flexibility for the client.

  • Scheduled:  if you prefer a more structured training, join a class with specific start dates and milestones.  A tutor will guide that online class through the material according to a pre-fixed timetable, and is also available to answer questions during live sessions.
  • On Demand:  the perfect option if you want to study and progress at your own pace - even if that is just for a few hours each week.
  • Intensive: learn quickly and accomplish your goals over a much shorter period.
  • Modular:  fill a specific gap in your technical knowledge by choosing individual study modules.

Keep your eye on our website and newsletters in the coming months for more information.  We will be keeping you regularly updated!

The IASeminars Online Community sounds interesting, what is it?

The Community will provide each learner with tools to plan their training and personal development agenda and track their goals over the next year or more.  These records can be used to demonstrate your progress and achievements to employers, peers and professional institutions.

The Community will also bring together a forum of like-minded finance professionals, and provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience.   Our peer-to-peer network will be moderated and reinforced by our technical subject-matter specialists.

Access to the IASeminars Online Community will be available for free to our clients, and will serve as your personal professional development hub going forward.

When will the new online courses be ready?

The IASeminars Online team is already hard at work on the first modules, and the first full online course is expected for the second quarter of 2016. Other online products will follow quickly thereafter.

Who are the courses aimed at and what will they cost?

The new range of IASeminars Online training courses will include modules aimed at both preparers and users of financial information at all levels. They will include introductory level products that aim to give a comprehensive overview of the basics, right through to advanced level products that address the most complex technical issues.

The cost is expected to be similar to the current pricing of our online courses. However, the increased flexibility of the new modular online learning platform means that individual topics can also be studied in isolation, at a significantly lower cost than that of a full course.

Keep watching our website and newsletters in the coming months for more information!

What technology will be required?

Our approach to this question is demand-focused, and not supply-led. What works best for you - pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone? Real-time learning whilst online, or offline learning that does not require a live internet connection? Our intention is to make our products work within your preferences and constraints. You could start your online course using a smartphone whilst on the train to work, continue it from your office pc over lunch, and finish it at home after dinner using your tablet!

Are the new online courses accredited and do they qualify for CPD / CPE?

Yes. Not only will all the new IASeminars online courses be formally accredited, but they will be so on a module-by-module basis so that learners will receive CPD / CPE credit for as much work as they have done, as well as certification to show the training that has been completed and the standard that was achieved.

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