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What would you want from a professional Online Community?

Friday 1 July 2016

Did you know that IASeminars Online will offer more than great online learning? As well as our IPSAS courses we are launching an Online Community which will be free to join.

So, the first task that we set our Pioneers was to tell us what they thought the priorities should be for the Community. Read on for the results and the chance to tell us what you think.

The charts show how our Pioneers view the importance of each feature:

Other features that Pioneers suggested we should provide include:

  • A type of early warning system within the dashboard to alert on new IPSAS / IFRS exposure drafts.
  • Location where participants could post recent information related to their experience with implementing new Standards, issues raised by External Auditors particularly those related to interpretation of new Standards.
  • Opportunity to comment to participants and obtain feedback on new exposure drafts being considered by an Accounting Standards Board. This would necessitate IA Seminars posting the exposure drafts and making them available to participants that may not be aware of their existence or content.
  • Provide a platform for First time adopters and the challenges experienced during adoption
  • Provide thought (leadership) features with articles / podcasts on developments in the accounting field as well as current and future practices/standards/interpretations - these can be submitted by any (accounting) professional from around the globe based on their experience as preparer of financial statements or auditors or stakeholders of the financial statements.
  • Case study features covering topical accounting issues faced by businesses/practitioners and how these were dealt with within the applicable financial reporting framework adopted by the specific region submitting the case study.
  • A technical resource centre/feature (which could be linked with technical challenges/issues faced by practitioners (i.e. preparers of financial statements, auditors etc.) and how these were dealt with.

We want to create a Community that is what you want. Please send us an email with your views and suggestions.

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