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21st Century Accounting

Friday 14 June 2019

Delighted to recommend you listen to a podcast released recently by one of our instructors, Kevin Appleby. The podcast included Graham Arrowsmith and discusses what’s new and fresh in their businesses.

In particular the conversation talks about the courses Kevin is developing which are aimed at management consultants. The courses are modular and delegates can choose to buy all three modules or singular ones. The aim is to build this up to seven or eight modules eventually.

More on the five day course mentioned in the podcast can be found here. The course delves into the many roles of the finance business partner and gives you hands on skills to move beyond simply reporting the numbers.

At the end of this seminar participants you will:

  • Have practical methods you can take back to your business 
  • Be equipped to run workshops with your business to develop business plans; design strategic reporting; develop Zero based budgets; and to develop rolling forecasts
  • Have learned to use a variety of tools that will allow you to use with your business team throughout the business planning cycle.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the tools and techniques to take cost out of your organisation and when best to use them.

As mentioned there are also three different modules:

21st Century Finance Business Partner – One day course covering an overview of the skills to support your business team

21st Century Business Strategy and Reporting – two-day course of interactive workshops to give you practical business planning and reporting approaches you can implement directly into your own organisation

21st Century Zero Based Budgeting and Cost Management – Two-day course providing you with practical skills in zero based budgeting, forecasting and cost management. Allowing you to try out techniques in a safe environment so you can eventually adapt them to your own organisation.

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