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Game of Thrones accountant type

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Friday 24 May 2019

A Game of Accountants

It’s a cut throat world in the land of Accounteros; not least for those playing the game of numbers. Are you the stubborn type who loses their head over a bad formula? Maybe you sometimes feel like you’re leading an army of the undead?! Take a look at our rather tongue in cheek characters, which one do you think you are? When you play the game of numbers, you either win or you die…!

Varys – “for the good of the realm”

A sneaky little character, the Varys of the accounting world is very much out for himself. Scheming and plotting, he will trample on whoever he can to reach the top. Although devious he will do anything he can to protect his company, through any means possible.

His knowledge of accounting is second to none (he’s probably been on an IASeminars course) but can he be trusted and at what cost to the company?!

Arya – “the avenger”

Not someone to get on the wrong side of, Arya will remember all slights against her and take down those who wrong her. An up and coming star of the accounting world, Arya is someone to be reckoned with. She will work hard to hone her skills in the accounting world and quickly master the intricacies of the spreadsheet.

For those employing an Arya, mentor her and give her all the knowledge she requires, she will return the favour and help keep the army of the undead spreadsheets at bay,

Daenerys – “mother of accountants”

A fair yet strict ruler, Daenerys is the CFO of Accounteros. It’s not been an easy ride for Daenerys to reach such dizzy heights in the accounting world. She’s tamed some dragons and dealt with a lot of people who have severely underestimated her; quite often at their peril. Yet she’s not scared to get things done and rewards those who stick by her.

Like many in her position she has trusted advisors to help her get the job done.

Jon Snow – “the reluctant accountant”

It’s easy to get thrown in at the deep end. One minute you’re minding your own business studying economics and then 5 years later you’re elbow deep in spreadsheets. You’ve never really felt like you belong but your loyalty to your company is unbending.

“You know nothing Jon Snow”. Maybe it’s time for some accounting courses then?! Unlike Jon, our ‘legitimate’ courses allow you to further your knowledge in everything from IFRS to US GAAP.

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