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Thursday 14 February 2019

In almost every industry Excel plays a significant part in everyday operations, none more so than the accountancy sector. It is vital for planning, budgets and forecasting.

We’re scoured the web to find all the latest excel tips to help you make the most of this excellent tool!


Want to know more about formulas? The right ones can save you hours of time and Accounting Today with Wise Owl have two functions they go into in more detail; IF and VLOOKUP.

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If you’re keen to know a bit more about formulas, this article covers everything from =TRIM to =CONCATENATE.

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Timesaving Tips

Robert Half identifies some great time saving tips shortcuts that help with formatting and also talks through manipulation of data with PivotTables.

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If you want to find out even more about PivotTables, then this great article from AccountingWeb covers all the basics you need to know and the ability they have to really open up the reporting of financial data in Excel.

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TreeMap Chart

Ever tried a TreeMap before? This new chart in Excel is a bit like a square pie chart but allows you to also show a hierarchy. This useful article shows you how to set one up.

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Spreadsheet Design

It’s not all about the figures! Having an easy to read spreadsheet is vital and an excellent design will go a long way. This short video covers some ideas on how to make your spreadsheet ‘pop’!

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