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CEBEX Group and IASeminars offer IFRS and US GAAP training in China

Wednesday 1 August 2012


CEBEX, the Beijing-based organizer of business conferences and training programs across China will collaborate with IASeminars, a UK-based global financial training company specializing in international accounting seminars, to offer a wide range of IFRS and US GAAP training courses in China.

Some Chinese companies have been questioned about poor financial reporting practices, leading to a decrease in market confidence and potential investment. In today's economic environment, public and private companies should not underestimate the importance of developing and sustaining sound, internationally recognized financial reporting practices. By working together to offer professional education of the highest caliber in this matter, CEBEX and IASeminars aim to support the development of the accounting profession in China, as well as contributing to the growth and competitiveness of Chinese companies on the global stage.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with IASeminars to provide Chinese companies with a comprehensive range of financial training solutions," said Eric Schmidt, President of CEBEX Group. "IASeminars' significant worldwide IFRS and US GAAP training experience will give attendees a premium education opportunity, which is otherwise largely unavailable in China."

"IASeminars is delighted to be collaborating with CEBEX Group on this initiative in China" said Marc Gardiner, CEO of IASeminars Ltd. "This is an important milestone for our company, which has over 10 years experience training financial professionals on international
accounting topics, mainly in Europe and North America. It is an honor for us to also answer the training needs of Chinese companies."

IASeminars training courses currently available in Beijing or Shanghai include:

  • IFRS Fundamentals (4 days)
  • Major IFRS and US GAAP Differences (2 days)
  • IFRS Overview for Banks and Other Financial Institutions (2 days)
  • IFRS Technical Update (2 days)
  • IFRS Disclosure and Presentation Requirements (2 days)
  • IFRS Adoption and Implementation Workshop (2 days)
  • IFRS Business Combinations (M&A) and Consolidations (3 days)
  • US GAAP Essentials (3 days)
  • US GAAP Technical Update (2-day course)
  • Oil & Gas Accounting Fundamentals (3 days)
  • IFRS Issues for the Oil & Gas Sector (2 days)
  • IFRS Accounting for Share-Based Payments, Pensions and other Employment Costs
  • (2 days)
  • IFRS Accounting for Leases (1 day)
  • Accounting for Income Taxes under IFRS (1 day)

To learn more about this invaluable training opportunity, visit www.ce180.com or www.iaseminars.com

About CEBEX Group

CEBEX Group (www.cebexgroup.com) is a leading business intelligence company that facilitates the development and growth of industry ecosystems through a unique,
multi-platform approach encompassing three key sectors: conferences, associations, and services, complemented by CE180.com, an internally-developed professional SNS website. Supported by an unrivalled group of partners across different industries, plus access to 56 major cities in China, government policies and market expertise, CEBEX Group represents a highly efficient platform for Chinese companies wishing to expand their global presence and a premium access point for foreign corporations to succeed in China's business marketplace.

About IASeminars

IASeminars (www.iaseminars.com) has established itself over 10 years as one of the world's leading independent providers of international accounting seminars. With offices in London & Washington DC, IASeminars offers several hundred public courses each year on five continents (as well as online) covering the latest IFRS and US GAAP technical topics. IASeminars events attract thousands of senior delegates from around the world who are taught by an international faculty of specialist instructors in several different languages.

For more information, please contact:

Eric L. Schmidt, CEBEX Group
T +86 10 6569 1321 Ext. 247
E eric@cebexgroup.com

Zsuzsi MacPherson, IASeminars
T +44 333 344 3321
E zmacpherson@iaseminars.com

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