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Will the use of IFRS be permitted in the USA?

It's a longstanding question - should U.S. companies be permitted to use International Financial...

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Speech by SEC Chief Accountant on Future Prospects for IFRS in the USA

Extracts from a speech given on June 5th 2015 by James Schnurr, Chief Accountant at the US Securitie...

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SEC Commissioner calls for end to debate over US GAAP v IFRS

US Securities and Exchange Commissioner Kara Stein recently called for an end to the ongoing debate ...

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IFRS for US Corporations – It’s back on the Agenda!

During his speech at the December 2014 AICPA National Conference on current SEC and PCAOB Developmen...

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SEC Considers Supplemental Use of IFRS by U.S. Companies

SEC officials told CPAs that they are considering allowing U.S. companies to provide some informatio...

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IFRS vs. US GAAP Convergence – What’s the Story (and does it matter)?

It’s officially over. Bilateral efforts between the US FASB and the London-based IASB to produce un...

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