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Report on the NYSSA Conference

Friday 11 January 2013

Conference Report - Thursday 10th January 2013

Conference room
IASeminars worked with the New York Society of Security Analysts - NYSSA to produce its 18th Annual International Financial Reporting Conference on Thursday 10th January 2013, with optional pre-conference workshops on 8 & 9 January 2013. This event was sponsored by Deloitte.

A packed conference room heard keynote speakers throughout the day. Breaks between sessions provided ample opportunity for networking and for continuing the lively debates!

Several members of the press and online media were present, including those tweeting quotes throughout the day.

What I want to do is emphatically state that we do believe that having globally comparable standards is extremely important

Leslie Seidman, Chairman, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

NYCaudiencePublished articles include:

Journal of Accountancy
Accounting Today
CFO Journal
Financial Executives International



The past decade of work on convergence was truly governed by the expectation that at the end of the process, a position would be taken in the United States and not a negative one... That was a lot of the motivation to work toward convergence.

Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman, International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

A sample of tweets about the conference:

Accounting Today

IFAC SMP Committee
CFO Journal

In 2011, there were approximately 200 foreign issuers filing financial statements with the SEC using IFRS. In 2012 that number had climbed to about 400. The expectation is that by the end of 2013, when companies file their 2012 annual reports, we will have about 500.

Jenifer Minke-Girard, Office of the Chief Accountant, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

We still believe that improving U.S. GAAP and promoting its convergence with IFRS ultimately will result in differences so insignificant that for all intents and purposes we have a single set of standards, sort of like American English and the Queen's English.

Leslie Seidman, Chairman, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

View further information about the speakers and the agenda.

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