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Managerial Accounting in the 21st Century

Monday 10 March 2014

As the 21st Century moves into its second decade, financial accountants are being asked to do more than just "measure and preserve value" by keeping the books and ensuring that their company complies with the myriad rules and regulations that govern its operation. They are also increasingly being asked to "add value" by providing decision-makers with the information, tools and advice needed to make economically sound decisions that enable the firm to thrive and grow in an ever more competitive, world-wide marketplace.

Unfortunately, the knowledge and skills required for effective reporting and compliance are not the same as those needed to support decision-making. To effectively fill this new expanded role, financial accountants may need to view the world through the prism of managerial accounting

Over the past three decades, the managerial accounting community has developed a vast array of new tools and techniques that help add value to organizations. It is no longer concerned primarily with valuing inventory, calculating cost of sales and developing budgets. Instead, management accountants focus on measuring economic realities, and using that information to make high quality decisions, formulate effective business strategies and align the work and priorities of managers and employees to execute those strategies.

To help bring the benefits of modern managerial accounting to its clientele, IASeminars has worked with a group of internationally known authors, educators and consultants in this field to develop a portfolio of courses designed to impart the tools needed to bring 21st Century managerial accounting concepts to our clients, and increase the value they add to their companies.

This new range of managerial accounting courses includes the following, which are being offered on several different continents in 2014:

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