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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Join our next IPSAS sessions:

  • London in May
  • Geneva in June
  • Lagos in June

IASeminars has been delivering IPSAS training since 2007 to hundreds of public sector clients from around the world. Over the years, we have developed our range of IPSAS courses working with our experienced IPSAS faculty and our business partners. Whatever training you need on IPSAS topics, from beginner to skilful practitioner, we are sure to have something suitable on offer.

Building on our wealth of experience in educating our global IFRS client base through IFRS adoption and beyond, we are ideally placed to help you on every step of the way of your IPSAS journey.

When did you last check our list of available IPSAS and PFM events? At this time,we have 14 IPSAS public seminar titles- ranging from focused examinations of single topics, to an 8-day in-depth workshop with a very wide scope for teaching and discussion. There are also more IPSAS courses being added regularly.

At first sight IPSAS is simply about the introduction of new financial reporting procedures, however, the positive impact on the organisation should go much deeper than that. Benefit realisation should include improved budget setting and management, improved service performance reporting and more informed assessment of value for money. To achieve these benefits change management and training need to go beyond the core IPSAS finance team and reach out to the wider finance community, budget holders, service line managers and key stakeholders such as donors and grantors.

Alan Mayo, IASeminars Lead IPSAS Instructor

Choose from our public courses...

  • For those considering future adoption, maybe you want an overview of the most important requirements for preparing financial statements and disclosures under accrual based IPSAS. Or maybe you're familiar with IFRS and need to know what is different with IPSAS. In addition, you may need your senior management team to understand the critical issues of an IPSAS adoption in order to gain their buy-in to the project:
    • IPSAS Fundamentals - Accruals Basis (4 days)
    • IPSAS Fundamentals - Accruals Basis (30 days, online)
    • IFRS versus IPSAS (2 days)
    • IPSAS - for Managers, Donors and Stakeholders (1 day)
  • For those actively in the process of adoption, getting the IPSAS conversion team up to speed will be of key importance. Training should take into account how familiar the finance team already are with accruals based accounting concepts. Others in the team may need to focus more on the practicalities of the first time adoption process and the impact it will have on stakeholders, systems and processes:
    • IPSAS (Accruals Basis) - Immersion Workshop (8 days)
    • IPSAS - First-Time Adoption, Transition and Implementation (2 days)
  • For those wanting to build on existing knowledge, to look at updates or have responsibility for specific activities within their organization:
    • IPSAS - Technical Update (1 day)
    • IPSAS - Financial Instruments (2 days)
    • IPSAS - For Revenues (1 day)
    • IPSAS - Consolidations, Combinations and Interests in Other Entities (2 days)
    • IPSAS - For Employee Benefits and Provisions (1 day)
    • IPSAS - For Non-Financial Assets (2 days)
    • IPSAS - Presentation, Disclosure and Financial Reports (2 days)

While an accounting method alone cannot guarantee that governments will always make the right decisions, transparent financial conditions and sound information should be key priorities for policy-makers around the world. Together with continued education about government accounting and reporting, they significantly reduce the risk of making uninformed decisions which can add to the burden for future generations.

From Ernst & Young: "Toward Transparency", global survey on IPSAS adoption

... or let us come to you to deliver customised in-house training

If you have a larger group to train, then let's talk about a customised in-house training session. We can deliver a bespoke programme created specifically for your team and deliver it at a time and location convenient to you. Our team will work closely with you to plan a highly effective training at a cost effective price! Contact us today to discuss your in-house training requirements.

Very professional teachers with knowledge of latest development on IPSAS.

Excellent training, very understandable and knowledgeable teacher.

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