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January 2023
Everyone is different. We all learn in slightly different ways. Does it matter? Instinctively it feels as if knowing how we learn could be important. It may be important to the learner but it may also be important for those who create courses. So, let’s explore this a bit further.
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November 2022
If I was asked "are you competent?" I would probably answer "yes" because none of us want to be thought of as "incompetent". However, a more honest answer would be "I am competent at some things but not others".
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In 2003 I attended a talk given by Prof Ronald Harden, who at that time was the Director of the International Medical School (IVIMEDS). During his talk he showed a cartoon which has stuck with me ever since.
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October 2022
Are you familiar with the saying “people don’t want a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole”? This quote from Harvard marketing professor, Theodore Levitt, highlights that what we want is the outcome not the means of achieving it.
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August 2022
Most people associate IASeminars training with individuals or small groups attending courses in locations around the world or virtually through platforms like Zoom. Not many are aware that IASeminars also creates courses for larger international organisations spanning continents.
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Cast your mind back to an occasion when you learned something new. Really, do it now! If it comes to mind easily it must have been memorable. It may have been at school or university, though maybe not. Perhaps you were learning a new skill: driving, playing guitar, skiing?
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April 2022
Imagine you need to organise some staff training. But this training is not for your department, or your organisation, or even your country, but for your entire continent. That is the challenge that was facing the African Professionalisation Initiative (API) a couple of years ago.
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