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July 2021
One of life’s “joys” (and I do use that term very loosely) is, arguably, moving house. I’m sure most of us have experienced at some point the ups and the downs of the process, the first step of which will probably be an on-line search for properties of the ‘right’ size in the ‘right’ area.
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May 2016
At the end of a day's training here in Africa the client's CFO called me to his office. "Rob... we have a problem".
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April 2016
When writing or training I'll often remember times past from my own learning, various situations, examples and scenarios will come to mind. So, for anything costing related I'll no doubt recall the lessons of a great teacher we had - we called him "Doctor Widget".
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February 2016
As the remnants of storms Henry and Gertrude pass over the UK zone of IFRS Land, it's not too surprising to see a rise in holiday bookings to warmer climes.
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Now, here's a question. How does a UK corporate reporter write an article about the US Super Bowl? - a sport and a competition that it's fair to say, he knows nothing about! Hmmmm.
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January 2016
It was the week before Christmas and excitement filled the air. News channels were locked onto the story, covering events second-by-second. Tick, tick, tick. TV cameras focused on a distant spacecraft, ready to launch.
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New Year, new standard. IFRS 16, the new leasing standard is here at last. Listening to the webinar, live from IASB Central as the Board issued its long awaited guidance, two comments stuck in my mind.
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November 2015
Cadbury's former Chairman, Sir Adrian Cadbury passed away in September. One thing that he left behind is his Cadbury Report, written in 1992, that was so pivotal in the development of what today is described as Corporate Governance.
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October 2015
For us trainers engrossed in IFRS, do we start to see accounting issues wherever we go? Could this be so? This thought came to mind recently whilst perusing my music collection, of all things!
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September 2015
IFRS 15 and the FASB’s Topic 606 are effective from 1st January 2018. Whether you sell sandwiches or telecoms how you process, recognise and report your revenue might well change.
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