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August 2021
In recent years, the auditing profession has been increasingly included in the list of parties responsible in the spate of corporate governance and financial reporting failures that have been exposed globally.
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March 2018
Clients have been known to complain that auditors are never happy. They refuse to accept management's explanations at face value, regardless of how thorough and professional the work of the preparers has been. Frustrations can arise in different areas.
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November 2017
External audit fees where audits are statutory can be an uncomfortable area of discussion for auditors and clients alike. For some, there is a perception that the only real value is in a short report that keeps a company's stakeholders happy that ...
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August 2017
The primary objective of general purpose financial reporting by the government or its entities is to provide information about the entity that is useful to users for accountability purposes and decision-making.
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April 2017
Successful IPSAS implementation is not just a matter of an in-depth understanding of the accounting principles of the standards.
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