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March 2023
Do you want to find out more about the Blockchain?Tune into our webinar to hear IASeminars instructor, Frank Beil, discuss the Blockchain and how it will impact Accounting and Finance systems. What is the Blockchain? What makes the Blockchain Compelling from a Business Perspective? How do you calcul...
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In this blog post, ESG Labs co-designer and facilitator, Kate Daniels, explains what ESG Labs is about and how it can help you get ready for upcoming ESG requirements.
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5 Steps to building your ESG management strategy:Click here to download the slide deck.ESG Masterclass 1:ESG Masterclass 2:ESG Masterclass 3:
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The conversation around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) value creation for a company usually begins with policies, procedures, management systems, materiality assessments, and annual ESG reporting.
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We have added several other venue cities to our schedule over the years, but we continue to see you prefer London for training, whatever the topic. Be that IFRS, IPSAS or ESG, we are always pleased to welcome you to this great city.
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February 2023
In a previous blog article, Blockchain was defined and the reasons why it is so useful in accounting systems was explored.
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As Public Financial Management (PFM) focuses increasingly on climate change and the environment, so PFM institutions will have to build capacity in this area and professionals will have to continually develop their competence.
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Organizations, both business and non-profits, are driven by data. The purpose of financial and business data, at least since the “invention” of accounting in 1494, has been to utilize recorded data for decision-making as prepared by accountants for managerial decisions that benefit the firm.
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January 2023
Everyone is different. We all learn in slightly different ways. Does it matter? Instinctively it feels as if knowing how we learn could be important. It may be important to the learner but it may also be important for those who create courses. So, let’s explore this a bit further.
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