How does a module work?

An IASeminars Online module is a short training experience devoted to a single topic. For example, that topic might be Current Assets, or Employee Benefits. In our IPSAS Online modules these are covered specifically in relation to IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards).

If you only need to fill in a particular gap in your knowledge then taking an individual module is ideal. Or, you can use a selection of modules to build your own customised training package that exactly meets your personal needs.

Modules are self-paced. You start them when it suits you, you devote as much time to them as you find convenient, and you complete them in your own time - within a limit of one year! As you are working at you own pace you have no class-mates. If you prefer to learn as part of a group then try one of our courses – see How does a course work?

Most modules will take about 1 or 3 hours to complete and include a number of activities. These activities include:

  • Lessons: Several short topics which not only inform but allow you to test your understanding with embedded questions and feedback.
  • Case Study: A realistic situation in which you can apply the knowledge you have gained.
  • eNotes: Downloadable notes including all the information in the Lessons. These notes are in PDF or ePub format so can be read on screen on e-readers or printed.
  • Practice Quiz: The practice quiz has the same structure and question types as the final exam. The main difference is that you can take the practice quiz as often as you like and you will always get detailed feedback on every answer you provide. You can then decide for yourself when you are ready to take the final exam.
  • Final Exam: The final exam has a pass mark of 70%. One re-take is permitted if you don't achieve the pass mark the first time.

All these activities are backed up by a bank of downloadable digital resources and a linked glossary.

Once you have passed the module you will be awarded a certificate of completion. As you get a certificate for each module you can build up evidence of your knowledge by taking as many modules as you wish.

You probably still have questions. If so please contact us, or you can try before you buy with our free IASeminars Sampler Module.

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