eLearning - How it Works

After booking a place on an eLearning course, what happens next?

  1. Joining Instructions will be sent to you by email, 2-3 days before the course start date, with all the details you need to know to get started; login details, course materials download, schedule, curriculum, etc.
  2. Start Date arrives, login to the eLearning website and begin your studies.

    IPSAS eLearning Course home screen

  3. Review the topic presentations, take quizzes, participate in discussions and complete any assigned exercises.

    IFRS eLearning course

  4. Engage in topical discussions with the course instructor and fellow students in order to maximise your understanding of the subject matter.

    eLearning course discussion forum

  5. On successful completion of the course completion certificates (CPE credits) are issued to all students.